Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flesh & Bones

What a beautiful shot of a real body. At least this looks like a real body to me, since I am a skinny guy. The flesh covering the bones, but the bones still visible, every painter's fantasy.

Alcazar is back!

They're back again! One of my favourite products from Sweden* will release a new single this month and a new album in the fall of 2008. And even better news; they ditched that horrible Magnus, so they're back the way they started 10 years ago.

* except for IKEA as everyone knows.

Some more Otávio

Clean your screen

Tired of cleaning your screen the boring way? Click here.


Meet Otávio Rauter, he's 27 years old,from Limeira, São Paulo.


Meet Thor Knai. He is 23 years old, from Oslo, Norway.

Head up your Ass

A picture I found surfing the web. Weird and disturbing. Reminds me a bit of the Chris Cunningham book for Rubber Johnny.

Friday, March 14, 2008

im' bRingin' reX.y back!

One of my early internet crushes from the mid 90's; Rex Booth. He had a personal website and as a main attraction he had a webcam. Got addicted to it. In San Francisco we bumped into him on the streets and I reacted on him like meeting a celeb. My face turned red and I didn't say anything.
Nowadays he has his own company in webdesign.

You're wet

Hard Candy

This is it, Madonna's new album cover. Her last album at the Warner label.
I really hate the font they used and I don't really like the fact that she seems to use two themes as simple layers on each other, but I must say I like the shot by Steven Klein.

Got Milk?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evan Wadle


Dangerous Sex

This ad keeps being one of the best I've seen concerning the dangers of sex.


Being disconnected from the internet for one day really feels bad. Luckily today I am back online and feel the calmness coming back over me. I'm an addict...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

4 Minutes Cover

Here you can see how to create a cd-cover within 4 minutes. Can't imagine this designer (unknown to me for now) took longer to come up with this almost fanmade and very bad artwork.

Peter on a Monday

One of the shots I made of Peter last night while he was watching television. Cute as always in his whites.

Musis, Arnhem

Just before sunset the sun came out of the dark clouds.
Photo by Peter

What do you know...'s Stéphane Rideau. My favourite french actor.

Eyes! Hair! Mouth! Figure!

Hard to chose what to focus on with this face. The mouth or the eyes? Both incredible eyecatchers and still haven't decided. Have you?

François Sagat

François Sagat (right) in ID Magazine.
Even without that ridiculous hairdo he's cool and cute as hell.


Besides being gorgeous this hunk looks pretty well dressed to me.
Yesterday we sorted out clothes and ended up with 3 bags that we are throwing away.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pubic Hair

Never really understood what people have against pubic hair.
This looks so beautiful to me. Glad I don't live in Japan.


Beautiful ad for the HBO series Oz. Captures several elements from this production in one image.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Sometimes a picture needs to bare it all to be a good picture.

The L Word

Just discovered that one of my favourite male models at the moment isn't called Evan Wade but is called Evan Wadle. Here's what he has to say:
"I actually think its pretty funny how my name is mostly misspelled as Evan Wade instead of Evan Wadle, and that somehow I'm from Britain, or that im a trainer in New York City at Equinox Gym," Evan said with a laugh. "I'm from New Jersey where i was born and raised, but i spend alot of time in NYC modeling and pursuing acting. And, as for my name, everyone who's known me since i was young has just called me The Wad: much easier."
Wade or Wadle, still looks hot to me!

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a sunday morning.