Saturday, September 10, 2011


Black - Zack Vickers by Elvis Di Fazio

Model: Zack Vickers (Chic Management)
Photography & video: Elvis Di Fazio


I'm a garlic lover! A big fat, Dutch garlic lover. Nothing wrong with that. You just don't want to french me after dinner if you hate garlic.

But yesterday when I cooked for myself and used as much garlic as I do when I cook for two, I really got a tummy-ache an hour after I finished my delicious pasta dish. Is there something like eating too much garlic?

I had this once before. Last year on vacation. First night, salad with tomatoes and garlic and after a few bites of that lovely salad I threw up in my mouth and seconds later I was vommiting all over the campground. So what does garlic do to your stomach? Any of my viewers have an answer?

Marlon Teixeira by Omar Macchiavelli

Model: Marlon Teixeira
Photography: Omar Macchiavelli

Gshdaad, not Geh-Shtaad!

I want to go to Gstaad with this man and experience everything he experiences in only a short vacation! Small countries are good at providing loads and loads of fun in such short time. Believe you me!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The Shining

Beautiful poster for one of my all time favourite movies, The Shining by Dutch designer Metin Seven, who is the owner of the label Seven's Heaven. Visit his site for much more clever and stunning designs.

Burning Man 25

The Burning Man festival took place again. And again without me being there. So I made one good resolution: within the next 5 years I wanna attend this utterly attractive festival! I love the whole concept of this event. The art, the freedom and the trading without any money! So, who will join me?

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9/11 Week

With 10 years after 9/11 this Sunday, a lot of tv-channels pay tribute to that day 10 years ago. National Geographic is one of them and I fell in love with their promo for their 9/11 week. Stunning montage!

Fresh Alexey Kim

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Complete set available here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Guy With iPhone

Double U. T. F?

Wow, who would have thought Pop-Music could get even gayer? Matt Marley did an attempt and yes, this is as gay as it gets. Gay pillow fight? Check! Colourfull underwear? Check! Cheating? Check! Let the bacon burn? Check! More about Matt Marley here. And also a link to buy his album "Change Begins With Me".

Gui Costa by Nat Prakobsantisuk

Model: Gui Costa (Angels & Demons Management)
Photography: Nat Prakobsantisuk