Saturday, August 14, 2010



Alex - East Village Boy of the Week

Alex, from Toronto is this weeks East Village Boy of the Week.
Go check out the complete shoot by Franco Deleo at East Village Boys.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Client Magazine #1 - Casting Couch

The first issue of Client Magazine has been released. Much more on this first issue and how to order you can find here. These spreads are called Casting Couch, a returning item in future issues, photographed by Sam Scott Schiavo.

1990 - Highschool Skitrip

Here's a look at a collection of photos from my highschool skitrip back in 1990 (click for a much larger version). Great week in the snow, but even more, in a hotel with no teachers around. I remember there was a lot of booze around though and I passed out for the first time in my life.

At some point during the night I performed Madonna's Blond Ambition tour, ripped the curtains in parts and made dresses for me and some friends (where IS that photo??) and really, I don't remember anything about it at all. These stories were all told by friends who laid me in the snow, put me in the bath and then dressed me up again and put me in a bed. All I remember is waking up in different underwear in a different bed. Oh it was fun, I guess.... the photos look like I was having a good time.


Wet & Wild

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Complete set available here.

Graffiti GIFs

Lettering by INKIE and backgrounds by INSA. Source: dvdp

Thursday, August 12, 2010



Bern 1987

In the summer of 1987 my mom, sister and me accidently discovered Camping Eichholz in Bern. On our way to the south we needed a campground for a night and we ended up in Bern. And we all fell in love! Situated not far from the city-centre, along the Aare river in a beautiful green environment this campground is still one of my favourites.

In 1987 it was integrated in the city park, but shortly after that it got a hedge and a gate unfortunately (but logical). My sister, Peter and I still go there. Not every year, but as much as possible. A dive in the river Aare feels like heaven. Coincidently I found this video on HowdyHeidi last week. Have a look at this great phenomena!

Water Players by Andrew Burmeister

Everyone who knows me knows that I prefer a tough hairy man over a young boy anytime. So I was really surprised seeing this beautiful spread by Andrew Burmeister for the latest Visual Tales Magazine. Summerish, happy and looks like a perfect wet afternoon in a public park! Loving it!

Getting Hooked Up

Hi Daan
I saw you walking down
the street right now, you
look fucking hot. Wanna
meet for coffee later on,
or maybe a quick fuck?
Let me know hot stuff!

Love Barry


Are you kidding me? You
gave me your number @ pride
last saturday. We made out,
you licked my piercing and
said to visit you in Arnhem.

No idea who you are.
Sorry, was I that drunk?

Apparently you were.

Oh god, I'm really sorry.
I'm a married man.

Please tell me it's not that
stick-figure you left with :(
Okay never mind, give
me a shout if you change
your mind.

My bf is no stick figure.
He's a tall handsome man
and I don't think I will
change my mind after 17 years.
Sorry for the incomvenience.

Okay, that scared the shit out of me this afternoon. When I told Peter tonight he couldn't contain himself and bursted out in laughter. He just discovered how to send txt messages from his Blackberry, a phonenumber I didn't recognize. Bastard! And good for you now you know how I think about us! And good for me I gave all the right answers!

David Gandy by Paola Kudacki

Model: The Gorgeous David Gandy
Photography: Paola Kudacki for Massimo Dutti
Imagesource: The Fashionisto

Komet & Kiamo

Two moody looking cats. No surprise when you've just been awakened to have your photo taken for some genealogical register.

Trip for October

As a very belated birthday gift for my 35th birthday last year, my mom gave me a trip as a present. She gave me a budget and this week I did some searching and came up with the trip shown above. Flying to Malaga in Spain, then travel via Granada and Cordoba to Sevilla and fly back from there. Booked the flight, the car and a few hotels and I am really looking forward going there in October! If anyone hass good tips for that region, feel free to share!

Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way

Tuesday, August 10, 2010