Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ready for Autumn

And just when we finished preparing our balcony for Autumn, Dutch Summer came back from where he celebrated his Summer vacation (which obviously wasn't in The Netherlands!!!) and bathed our country in blue skies and sunlight and temperatures rising over 20c. This time he will stay for a little longer than he did on the rare occasions last year. So our new plants will get loads of water AND sun! Make it grow!

Steve Boyd & Zeb Ringle by Rick Day

Models: Steve Boyd & Zeb Ringle (Soul Artist Management)
Photography: Rick Day for Rufskin

Where the Hell is Willem? #141

Can you tell me where I am?

Miro Moreira by Fernando Mazza

Model: Miro Moreira (Sight Management)
Photography: Fernando Mazza
Imagesource: InMale

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Slick Rick

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Complete set available here.

Bas for Zeeman

Bas Kosters is a young Dutch (Fashion) designer. Besides fashion he also draws, creates dolls, objects and in my opinion, makes the world a lot more fun with his contributions. For his latest project, Bas teamed up with chain store Zeeman, which has stores in several European countries and is known as store for cheap textile. He wants to prove that fashion doesn't need to be expensive and designed a clothing line of underwear for Zeeman prices (€ 2,99 for briefs is really cheap!).

Peter and I bought some sets yesterday evening and they look great on us! Expect some nice Hipsta's of us in bright coloured underwear very soon here!

Harvey Newton-Haydon for L'Oreal

Harvey Newton-Haydon (Adam Models) stars in this new campaign for L'Oreal Studio Line. And although I don't have hair myself, I love to see what other people do with theirs! (images kindly borrowed from Homotography)

Taste My Words!

I really wonder what a Zephyr will taste like!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



One of the great things about blogging is meeting a lot of people. Some hang around for a while, some are loyal followers. Eran Evan is a fellow blogger and a loyal follower and this week he stays in The Netherlands.

So tonight we met him and had a lovely dinner at GeSpot in Amsterdam.Can you think of a better named place for three gay men to meet? I really thought that place was ficticious, but trust me, GeSpot is a real thing, guys and girls!

Eran is a fantastic photographer, which I already knew. But he's also a great talker and a very sweet guy! Thanks Eran, for the great night!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Perfect Cumshot

Here's a look at the perfect cumshot. And why it's perfect?
Click here and read more about the Fibonacci Circle.

(gif via Proli Depp Illumináriuma)

Two Three Seven