Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't Go Around Breaking Young Boy's Hearts

"The show will go on for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. The announcement was made at a June 26 memorial gathering for Jackson, held by the tour’s cast and crew".

"According to a tour organizer, one performance will now be held in September and will be a replica of what was planned for “This Is It” in London. High-profile singers are expected to perform in place of Jackson. Among them, possibly Madonna, who was expected to appear at one of Jackson’s shows in London. A firm decision has not been made as to where the tribute concert will take place, but it’s likely to be in Los Angeles". (source: MSNBC)

Wouldn't it be cool if Madonna did a complete version of Billie Jean which she mixed with Like A Virgin during her Virging Tour back in 1985?

Smoking Hot

Beautiful picture of a guy smoking. I know most of my readers hate smokers, but I am a smoker myself, don't hate it and find smoking guys pretty hot. A friend of mine has a blog for some time now and I did not know about it! He has lots of smoking hot men there. A great collection of beautiful pictures at Tatcha!

Name that Tune #86

What song can you see wordled up above?

Today is a Happy Day

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don Hood

Don Hood is at Ford Models.
Photography by Joseph Sinclair/Rick Day.

Midnight Snack

I ate so much today and still I was craving food.
Finished my vanilla curd with a freshly cut pear.
Yummy and satisfying!


I am sure you all remember Steffen from 2 weeks ago. Here's some more work of him, without that one special feature.

Arnhem, 10.45 pm

Light Breakfast

This morning I woke up at 6.30, started work at 7 and was ready for a light breakfast in the sun at the terrace downstairs at 9.30. First appointment at 10.30, so a relaxing morning in the sun with cappuchino, bread and a newspaper.

But this work by David Sykes is even more light I guess.
Great shot, without any photoshopping!

Neo Anderson

Photography by Dallas Logan/Leonard Imagery.

Crystal's Choice

Daniel Amorim

Source: M and P Models
Photographer: unknown

People always told me be careful of what you do

Michael Jackson died (You heard that too??). I read it on Facebook last night and I was not even surprised. It didn't had the Diana-effect on me, which I found a bit strange. An icon dying should be more thrilling than this.

I was a Michael Jackson fan in the 80's. Loved the video for Thriller and still find Smooth Criminal a great song. Hell, I even owned a Michal Jackson doll with his red leather outfit!
But after seeing Moonwalker my adoration faded and it went downhill with both him and my love for him. But I won't forget the big influence he had on music and even more video's. He made the musicvideo what it is today, along with Madonna ofcourse. Small movies, which costed a lot money and were a feast on the eyes.

And ofcourse he had a great influence on pop-culture. He inspired Andy Warhol (above) and Jeff Koons (below) and he has always reminded an icon, even if he didn't make any music in the last couple of years. He became an icon of crazyness, madness, scandals and weirdness. And that's how I will remember him. A weird person with a troubled youth who had therapy in public. Poor bastard...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

She's Madonna?

So according to Boy Culture this would be the first shot for the Fall campaign Madonna did for Louis Vuitton. And as Matthew stated; why bother showing up at a shoot if the result looks nothing like how you are? This is just another plastic doll-face you see in every magazine. Even the pose looks like she's dead. I know I sound bitter about the queen, but hell, she's going with the flow too much, there's no creativity anymore, a lack of own input.
Oh and Steven Meisel: shame on you!

Lars NYC - Selfportraits June09

Lars NYC on Flickr.

Name that Tune #85

What song can you see wordled up above?

Mr. & Mrs. Willis

Beautiful new shoot by Steven Klein for W Magazine
featuring Bruce & Emma Willis.

Deserve It

So this is what I worked for in a hot room all day. And finally I got one. And another one. And one small version before I went grocery shopping. A nice evening at the terrace with my gorgeous sister Anne/Enna.

Lover of the Life of Leisure

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Go to the website for the complete shoot.