Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye 2008

Best Models 2008

Best Music 2008

Best TV 2008

I didn't watch that much tv in 2008. Normally there are always a few shows that I follow on a weekly base, but somehow I didn't this year. So most of what I saw this year was on dvd. Here are my favourites.

#one: 30Rock

Really good comedy! Original and fresh like Ally McBeal used to be in the 90's. Only this one is much more fun and clever. Tina Fey is an amazing woman for creating this show and I really like to see Alec Baldwin continue the role he had on Will & Grace. The characters seem very similar to me at least. I've only seen the first season so far, but the second will be released on dvd in february of this year.

#two: Samantha Who?

This is the only show I weekly followed on tv. First few episodes I watched with Jennifer Aniston in mind. Christina Applegate really reminded me of her. But that faded and I really got attached to this show. I like shows with funny characters. And the good thng about Samantha Who? is that all the characters are funny. Even the smaller parts have great lines. Jean Smart, who plays the mother really deserves a big fat Emmy!

#three: Oz

I watched parts of seasons in the past. Oz was broadcasted late at night here and they changed days and times a lot. Last year I watched all the seasons episode by episode and it's really a very good show. A lot of blood, a lot of naked Christopher Maloni (Yummy!) and a lot of frustration because of the claustrophobic atmosphere of being locked down. Definately a show I am gonna watch again in the near future.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Porn 2008

I didn't buy or downloaded a lot of feature films. Instead I downloaded a lot of 20 to 30 minute clips from sites like SeanCody, Corbin Fisher and CollegeGuys 24/7. I watch porn quite scientifically. Silly maybe, but porn is not the same to me anymore as when I was 18. I watch, judge and enjoy. So here's my top 3 list for 2008:

Starring Harley, Addison, Devin and Berke, this movie really got me. The guys are so relaxed, the action flows so natural. They really enjoy themselves and the setting makes it very intimate as well. Ofcourse the fact that one of my favourite actors Harley (or Simon, as he's called in his modelling shoots) is in it also made this movie my number one spot. Besides that, some double penetration is never bad to look at either, especially when the guy receiving has his birthday that day:)

#two: Corbin Fisher - Strip Poker

Released only last week and just in time to skyrocket to number two! Cade, Connor, Derek, Dawson and Jeff play a game of strip poker. They start by releasing items of clothing, but soon they change the rules and the loser has to perform a sexual act. Some of my favourite Corbin Fisher models are in this movie and they all know what the viewer likes to see. They really know how to make porn look like real sex and they seem to enjoy every minute of it.

#three: Sean Cody - Twins Jeff & John

Okay, we've seen twins (and even triplets) pose and jack off before, but that never became as intimate as this movie featuring Jeff & John. The guys are not my favourite type of guy, but the interview and the jerking off really is something special. You almost feel as if you shoul not be watching.

Best New Friend 2008

The end of the year is near! That's why it's time to look back and forth. Let's start with looking back. What has 2008 brought me? Lists, lists, lists... so here's my first list. Best new friends:
  1. Nel Koppiethee: the first pet I bought in decades, to keep me warm when Peter is abroad. And boy does he do the job! Good! I saw this ant-eater mid november and fell in love with him immediately. Since then he spent every night in my arms when Peter is not around and between us when Peter is at home.
  2. Komet & Kiamo: our new housemates. Grey as well, much more alive and if they didn't broke the teapot they would have reached the number one spot. But seriously, they arewithout a doubt the sweetest and most handsome cats I know (like every mom says about her newborn baby, no matter if it looks like John McCain).
  3. You guys! My readers! I started this blog in march of this year and I met so many great people because of it. All my followers became very dear to me, but I feel like mentioning some of them; Kevin from Simple Answers: you helped me start my blog without even knowing who I was. You learned a lot about me and I even learned some tiny bits about you! Donnie V2.0 from Famous Like Me: you helped me finetune my blog and somehow encouraged me to show more about myself. Push me one step further and I'll appear on your Mugshot Monday posts for obscene blog behaviour! Joe*To*Hell: you made me laugh so much and so loud last year, I had to buy myself a new spleen! Mac from Yummy of the Day: I love to read about your family life, I love playing your games and loose and I really hope you post more on Reese Witherspoon in 2009! JavaJunkie: you made me laugh and you made me cry. You have the perfect eye for beauty and you are the cutest and most handsome blogger I know so far! The Pansy Bastard: most loyal commenter on my blog; I love waking up and read your comments! Tassos from Greek Brazilian Boy: you always have the most beautiful pictures. Always fresh and original and always surprisingly well presented! If you're not mentioned, don't worry, I love all of my followers and hope to get to know you all even better in 2009!

Garrett Neff - Garrett Part Two

Photographer and Stylist: Milan Vukmirovic for L'Officiel Hommes #12


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