Saturday, February 4, 2012


B.L.T. You Wanna?


(Wagga Wagga Wagga! More to come!)

Kennedy Carter by Edwin Pabon

Oh wow! Here's a look at überhot ginger Kennedy Carter photographed by Edwin Pabon. Yeah, I can say he's my favourite ginger right now, leaving Prince Harry behind him. Much more Kennedy Carter here and tons and tons of beautiful work by Edwin Pabon here.

Saturday Afternoon

Snow, cold and sunny. A perfect day for being outside, so that's exactly what we did. We went down South, to my parents and the 4 of us made a walk in the area they live in and we once lived in long ago. Peter and I spent our first year together in the nearby institution for the mentally challenged (don't worry, we're cured now.... are we?).

The institution closed down and will partly be given back to nature. So it was one big demolishment down there. Beautiful to see, covered in a layer of snow. A day well spent!

אריסה ARISA

This video is over a year old, but never placed on the Zephyr-Files. And it definately deserves a post here. A video to promote Israelian party Arisa created by Omer Tobi and starring Uriel Yekutiel & Eliad Cohen. Cheerful!

They Tumble 4 Ya

Two new Tumblers in town! So two more Tumblers for you to follow! The girl with the spider above is Walking Talking Judging. An original mind which is one of the two minds closest to me.

And then there's that Canadian mind below. BL@BITYBL@H. A nice mix of original founds, Madonna-related Bities and an excellent taste in the most hunky men on the planet.

Igloo Village - Zermatt

Because cold is never cold enough for me, I present you the Igloo Village in Zermatt. Located in the middle of the mountains, this village doesn't only look very good, but it has everything you need for a night in the mountains. From nice wining and dining to beautifully decorated rooms and ofcourse... a hottub. And because you're staying in the middle of nature it's good to know that the complete village is CO2-neutral and sustainable!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Friday, February 3, 2012



It took some time, but it's finally here! The first snow of winter 2011/2012. Last week the temperatures dropped way below Zero and today our country got covered in white.

The neighbour kids couldn't wait and are sleighing their asses off on the thin layer on the little hill in front of our house. And the Dutch traffic? Well, since most Dutch people are afraid of snow they step on their brakes, which resulted in traffic jams with a total of over 800 kilometers this afternoon. Peter is working in the West of our country and we're living in the East. So I regret the fact that I didn't gave him a pack of chocolate milk and a watercooker running on 12V this morning!

It's Friday.

It's Friday (although according to my sister it's Fridya). And it's snowing. And Madonna just released a great video. And on top of that I just found these great gifs at Arch Noble's Tumblr, which I am not gonna keep untill next week's Meatlovers Monday. If you wanna see the very stylish, yet very erotic video from where these gifs came from, head over to Big Shoe Diaries and enjoy the complete video starring the gorgeous Colby Keller.

S.T.D. You Wanna?

It's here! After a few months of heavy radio-play in The Netherlands, Madonna finally and officially released the video for Give Me All Your Luvin' featuring two women I really never had heard of before.

A creative, happy, original video with loads and loads of broadshouldered men, cheerleaders and several wigs for the lady herself. Great to see a cheery, tongue in cheek Madonna at this start of her new musical year!

Thursday, February 2, 2012



(And still many more to come!)

Josh Button by Yu Tsai

Model: Josh Button (Ford Models)
Photography: Yu Tsai
Imagesource: Homotography

Freaking Out New York

The marketing team behind the movie Chronicle flew three human shaped planes around NYC to make it look like real people were magically flying. Must have freaked the hell out of the people living there! But really looks great from the ground!

Anyone for Tennis?

Smutographer Elvis Di Fazio captured model Chris de Boer (The Agency Models) on the tenniscourt in a very appealing retro style. Walkman and glasses and ofcourse a lot of white.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012