Saturday, October 23, 2010



In a comment on my post on PV3D Depth of Field, my dear follower Darolyn Hawks placed a link to another impressive website; Labuat. Please do yourself a favour and have a look and be amazed! Thanks Darolyn! And thanks for the fact that it totally matches my blog-header!

A Little Crazy in 2004

Just found these photos of mine from 2004 when I got all artsy fartsy with a camcorder hooked to my televsion and a photocamera taking photos of that. I still like the result and I'm glad I found them back again. I look crazy, I look insane. And above all I look so wrinkly when I go insane!

PV3D Depth of Field

Click on the image above (or here) and let your mouse do the rest.
Amazingly beautiful work!

Cobus Jonker by Rick Day

Model: Cobus Jonker (Major Model Management)
Photography: Rick Day

Sybway System Stockholm

Oh wow! Look at this large collection of pictures from the subway system in Stockholm! These stations and hallways definately must have been designed on drugs! And I love the outcome. It looks more like a museum than a transportation system! Hard to make a selection, so it became a very extended post. All images found at Entertainment Web.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Cake or Death?

Triggered by one of J@V@ JuNKiE's shared Stumbles I came on the William Higgins Website to see this weird series of a guy being punished by death. Death. Or cake? Cake or Death? Cake please! Do yourself a favour and watch this fantastic conference by Eddie Izzard. I love that man!

Lukas Bossert by Joseph Bleu

Model: Lukas Bossert (Major Model Management)
Photography: Joseph Bleu