Saturday, February 27, 2010


Sensitif #44

Almost new month, which means the newest issue of Sensitif Magazine is online to download for free. This issue contains a shoot called British Dream by Simon Barnes. And to be honest the images are not all that great, so I selected a few of my favourites.

Shifting Facade

imagesource: anotherarchitect
prototype for a shifting facade

More François Sagat by Felix LaGrave

More shots of François Sagat at the flickr-account by photographer Felix LaGrave. This time in colour. Visit the flickr-page for some more revealing stuff!

Sneeuw is Warm*

Last time I was ill I discovered the fabulous Makka Pakka. This week I've been ill again (bugger) and I watched a lot of tv. And lucky me, one of our digital channels Holland Doc broadcasted all the work of writer/televisionmaker Jelle Brandt Corstius. A beautiful journey through Russia. From Moscow all the way to the most deserted parts of that very large country I know so little about.

He interviews a lot of people about the most crazy things. About living in Moscow when you don't look russian. About the corrupt government. About the gulags in Siberia. About rocket-launches and parts of the rocket falling down on villages. Every minute of these documentaries is interesting and I really enjoy being ill and watch them! Jelle Brandt Corstius is my hero of the month!

*) sneeuw is warm = snow is warm. In Siberia, with those freezing temperatures people know it's warm when it's snowing. Temperatures rizing from -25C to only -10C.

Alexander Skarsgård in The Last Magazine

Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Kenneth Cappello for The Last Magazine, as featured on the fantastic VGL site!

How to be Sexy by Didio

Model: Marlon di Gregoris (L'Equipe Agence)
Photography: Didio. Complete set at Models by Didio

Where the Hell is Willem? #101

Can you tell me where I am? I bet you can't! Not even you, you!

Gregory Verdoes for DNA Magazine

"My legs are genetic miracles" Gregory says on the cover of the latest issue of DNA Magazine. They're pretty impressive indeed, but what about that ass? Wow.

(imagesource: We Love Guys)

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, February 26, 2010


François Sagat by Felix LaGrave

Found this very sexy (although low quality) photoshoot featuring François Sagat on the flickr-account by photographer Felix LaGrave. Stunningly simple and stunningly sexy!

Trip the Station #33

Can you guess what I'm watching?

Romain Prevost by Rick Burger

Model: Romain Prevost (Viva Models)
Photographer: Rick Burger
Imagesource: The Fashionisto

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Bureaucrats by Jan Banning

Photographer Jan Banning did these beautiful portraits on bureaucrats worldwide. And indeed, the only thing these people have in common is the bureau in front of them. And to think one day far far in the past I was one of them.... and now I'm not... that makes me happy!

Jamyle by Que Duong

Model: Jamyle
Photographer: Que Duong
Imagesource: Male Model Scene