Thursday, July 31, 2008

Name that Tune #4

What song which contains my online-name for the last 10 years can you see wordled up above? To me this song oozes summer and warmth. That's not a hint, just an opinion;)

Why so Negative?

So Madonna had a bad photo-moment. No publications of these particular photo's here, because they're on every other website already, but I don't understand why people like the bad angles of famous people so much. Why not focus on the beauty and creative? She rehearsed her show for 8 hours and looked tired!

Above you see two candids of Madonna from last year. Funny, without make-up and just beautiful and radiant. Damn, I didn't want to defend her and here I go defending her. Well, not just her but all people who do their thing, be natural and are harrased by photographers trying to look for flaunts.

Jacey Elthalion in "Horrors"

Nir Lavi