Saturday, May 19, 2012


MDNA - I'm Coming Soon

 With less than two weeks to go before the MDNA tour kicks off in Tel Aviv, Madonna works it like a pro, rehearsing her ass off. Guy Oseary takes pictures and publishes them,  getting all of us in the mood.

Matthew Rettenmund at Boy Culture published the final setlist. So if you like to be spoiled, go read all about the songs here. I have mixed feelings about the list, I really expected less performed classic songs. But the selection from MDNA looks good. My favourites are in the list!


First asparagus of the season, cooked by the best asparagus cook in the whole world, MY MAN! 

We drove to the South to get the best and after a very sunny afternoon he went into the kitchen and came back with the white gold. Om and nom and another nom!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake iup on a Saturday morning.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Adam Von Rothfelder by Calvin Brockington

Model: Adam Von Rothfelder (Q Models)
Photography: Calvin Brockington
Imagesource: MaleModelScene

Happy Birthday, Máxima

Happy Birthday to our Princess Máxima. She turns 41 today and what better way to celebrate the occasion, than with these beautiful shots by Erwin Olaf taken last year.

Doug Porter by Joseph Bleu

Model: Doug Porter (Soul Artist Management)
Photography: Joseph Bleu

Ascensionis Domini

Ascension Day. I don't know what that means in your country, but here it means the start of a four day weekend. And damn! When I look outside it's all sunny and blue. Which means I have to do things.

But what about Dexter season 5 and 6 that are lying around here waiting to be devoured? I really expected rain and was all up for a nice Dexter Marathon! Let's hope the other 3 days will be filled with rain and maybe some hail and thunder!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Layered Landscapes

Can you fall in love at first sight? YES! 19 years ago, I instantly fell in love with the man I call my husband nowadays and this afternoon I fell in love with these paintings by LA-based mixed media artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel.

She combines her landscapes with architecture like bridges and oil drilling towers. The artist primarily works with graphite, tape, and resin to produce these layered images, giving each one a three-dimensional feel. More info on how to obtain here.

Meatlovers Monday

(if you own the credits of any of the photos above and feel they need to be credited,
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