Thursday, November 24, 2011


Val Thorens, November 24th

Today it's November 24th. The day that many ski-resorts are opening for the 2011/2012 season. But look at the snow! There hardly isn't any! These pictures are from Val Thorens. From their webcam this morning. The only snow I see is manmade and yeah, they made some trails, but this is not what skiing is about. I guess most resorts will postpone their big openings and I really hope there will be loads and loads of snow real soon!

When Books Die

When books die they go to heaven. And book heaven was recently opened in Stuttgard, Germany.

Korean architect Eun Young Yi created a beautiful monolithic cube with two floors underground and nine above. Essentially all of the building, both inside and out is white. The main library floors circle an open-plan with the levels connected by open staircases. Books line the outer walls of each floor.

As a cool nod to the fact that the building is a storehouse of words, the word "library" is installed in four languages on the outside walls. On the North wall in German (the local language), West in English (lingua franca), South in Arabic (the language of ancient knowledge and of Stuttgart’s sister city, Cairo) and East in Korean (Yi’s native language).

(images and part of the text: The Cool Hunter)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Foggy Deventer

Today we celebrated my mom's 65th Birthday in Deventer with a concert by herself (and her choir) and a nice Italian dinner. Because we arrived early, Peter and I also made a short walk through this beautiful, foggy city. Enjoy! And so did we!

Lancelôt Cosson by Exterface

Been a while since I placed a spread by Exterface. I used to really like their work a couple of years, but lately it all became a little bit too smooth and polished for me. So I was happy to see their latest MUTO Manifesto featuring Lancelôt Cosson. Bald, bearded, butch and a sexy hint of grey hair. Sexy! Complete set at MUTO Manifesto.


Catherine Hyland made this beautiful video in “Wonderland”, an amusement park which was built in 1998 with the intention of building the largest amusement park in Asia. The project was scrapped after funding was withdrawn and the developers and the local farmers could not come to terms over ownership of the land. Nowadays it's one of those weird places we all love.

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Sunday morning.