Saturday, November 20, 2010


Adrian Zuniga by David Urbanke

Model: Adrian Zuniga (Major Model Management)
Photography: David Urbanke

Grow Little

Ugh... another fetish. Small biospheres. Just a fishbowl filled with moss and plants. No garden needed, just a place at the window where the sun can grow these pieces of beauty. Damn, the weblog Grow Little really made me look gay again!

Ian Jones by Dom Smith

Model: Ian Jones (Re:Quest Models)
Photography: Dom Smith
Imagesource: The Fashionisto

Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday was Peter's big day! he performed Die Jahreszeiten by Joseph Haydn with his choir. I visited the dress rehearsal in the morning for some filming and photographing and really enjoyed watching those last flaws being perfected.

Afterwards I had the honour to take a new portrait of the entire choir. Unfortunately it was freakin' cold and the old ladies wanted to go inside again as fast as possible. My creativity was killed by the cold, but I still managed to get a good portrait featuring some fake clouds on a wall and a lot of men and women in black.

EZRA SS2011 by C. Hudson Hwang

Another great way to wake up on a Saturday morning is this film I found at The Fashionisto. Directed by C. Hudson Hwang for Ezra Constantine’s spring 2011, models Rob Rae, Taras Koltun, Paolo Rolden, Carlton Ruth, Fraser Barke, Michael Teixeira and Brett Ofield (Elmer Models) change from their own clothes into the Ezra Constantine Spring collection 2011. Enjoy.

Switzerland vs. The World

Came across this book at A great collection of comparisations between Switzerland and other countries in the world through photos which are sometimes really funny and ironic and sometimes slap you in the face. Switzerland vs. The World was published by Riverboom and the book can be ordered there as well, Sinterklaas.

(All pictures courtesy of Riverboom Publishing)

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, November 19, 2010


3D Porn -

Put on your 3D-glasses and enjoy some porn like you're actually on the set. has all its movies in 3D now and it looks really, REALLY good! Oh and an important warning; don't get pregnant!

Happiness = Versii Audio

What's happiness? Easy! Living my life with Peter no matter what happens. But happiness on the internet is also possible. I realized this when I visited the site Versii Audio. A 7 hour trainride through Norway set to electronic music. Set it to HD, Fullscreen and turn up the volume in this series of 13 YouTube videos. I placed three of them, if you're interested and not bored, you can find the other ones by clicking here. I'm in a trance!