Saturday, October 9, 2010


Bye Bye iPhone3 #2

Emptied my old iPhone tonight and saved all the pictures from it. Damn, I took a lot of pictures with it! Here's a small selection. Two years of my life in snapshots. Click for a larger version.

This Chair Rocks!

The chair's attached lamp powered by your rocking back and forth is a very good idea! Designed by Rochus Jacob, the Chair's OLED lamp even senses when it's light or dark out. And it has a battery pack which stores 'your rocking' in the daylight.

Naked Man by Adam Fike

In a world full of danger, a hero arrives. But why is he naked? Find out by visiting Adam Fike's YouTube channel or follow Naked Man on Facebook. I think I have a new favourite action hero who can save me from fires every hour of the day! Naked Man is portrayed in this series by Christian Monzon. Hot!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Phenomenal Planet Photography

Fell in love with these images today. Planet Photography gives these cool effects, like the name says, very much like little planets. They're all made with wide angle objectives and with some nifty digital manipulation afterwards you get these great little spheres. More examples at Scott Photographics. These images are by different photographers, but most of them are by Gadl and HamburgerJung. I'm definately going to try these myself this fall! Can you imagine the red leafs manipulated like that?

Josh Wald by Lope Navo

Model: Josh Wald (Wilhelmina Models)
Photography: Lope Navo
Imagesource: MaleModel Scene

Where the Hell is Willem? #124

Can you tell me where I am?

Matthew Evangelisti by Joseph Bleu

Model: Matthew Evangelisti (Major Model Management)
Photography: Joseph Bleu

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mario Loncarski by Rick Day

Model: Mario Loncarski (Major Model Management)
Photography: Rick Day

Coachella in Tilt/Shift

Tilt/Shift seems to be THE NEW BLACK in 2010. You see it everywhere and I myself dedicated a post to it as well. But the video above is really topnotch! The Coachella Festival from last year filmed in a tilt/shift mode. Sit back, relax and if I were you I would watch the ultra HD version on YouTube!

A Spy for all Seasons

Model: Mario Loncarski (Major Model Management)
Photography: Julia Spicker for Carbon Copy by Client Magazine