Saturday, April 18, 2009

Only the Brave

Tony Ward (my other aging icon) is the face for the new campaign of "Only the Brave" by Diesel. And still looking hot and sexy as 20 years ago. His face really suits the name of the fragrance. Below is a shot behind the scenes of this campaign.


(picture source: Matthew Rettenmund)

This freaked me out! Rupert Everett was always that goodlooking, mature, self-confident british man who looked better every year he got older. Look what he did to himself! Why the hell would he change his face so much that he doesn't look like himself anymore? Washing away the grey, lifting his whole face in a ridiculous way.

That scares me. I am totally in favour of aging. Not afraid to age myself, so I was always glad people like Rupert had the same. But this makes me think. Will there be a day that I might do something like this as well? Is this how your brain works when you're in your 50's? I hope I will never reach that point in life where I am not happy with myself. I really do.

Luckily my nerdy self and me are constructing instead of deconstructing. My Rollercoaster Tycoon park had a nice big building with only a silly swan-ride in it. The building was worth much more, so I transformed it a bit, extended the facade and built a Log-ride in and around it. Now that's much more positive constructing (and a much bigger "who-cares factor" as well).

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Price

Nine Lifes

Okay, we really need curtains in our home-office. I start noticing that now, because the sun is getting brighter and after 4 pm the room is way too bright to work on a screen. And the only usefull thing I do in the afternoons is playing in photoboot. Get a life, Daan!

As Gay as it Gets

This commercial on dutch tv caught my eyes several times last week. It's Heineken, it's dutch and it's very gay. Well, if you wanna promote a homosexual drink like Cider, you might wanna open your whole box of tricks to get it delivered to your target group. I'm not a cider-man, I am not even a Heineken man. But I find the commercial camp enough to be funny:)

François Sagat - Esseker

Michelle Graglia by Gregory vaughan

Michelle Graglia is at Major Model Management.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is What's Happening Now

Knock Knock

Peter abroad and me a little bit bored.
So who tells me the worst "knock knock-joke"?

(image by Terry Smith)

This is My House

Came across this panoramic picture of the quarter we live in. These three buildings are all in a different style and built in different periods, but they look very lovely next to each other. Can you guess which one is ours?

(oh and another thing to be a little bit proud of; our windows are featured on the newest "Greetings from Arnhem" cards!)

Jamie Dominic by Rick Day

I don't know what attracts me most in this shoot by Rick Day. The fantastic body, the beautiful tattoos, the a-symmetrical face of Jamie, or the gigantic dick in those briefs. Whatever the biggest attraction is, this seems like a perfect shoot again.

Where the Hell is Willem? #47

Can you tell me where I am?

Hellas stands for Hella-Sexy