Saturday, December 11, 2010


Murilo Castelanni by Didio

Model: Murilo Castelanni (L’Equipe Agence)
Photography: Didio. Complete set at Models by Didio

Strange Worlds

Do these landscapes look strange to you? Almost real, but something wrong. That's because these landscapes are entirely fake. Made by mankind, or to be more precise, by one man named Matthew Albanese. Visit his Flickr site for much more of his work, as well as some looks behind the scenes.

40 Graus Models Naked for VMAN

40 Graus models strip down for their agency profile photographed by Vicente De Paulo for VMAN magazine's 20th edition. Image from MaleModelScene.

Where the Hell is Willem #127

Can you tell me where I am?

Sunday Drive by Luke Smalley

Luke Smalley (1955–2009) was known for his provocative photography combining fashion, youth culture and masculinity. Sunday Drive is his final project, a story about three beautiful young women preparing themselves for a Sunday drive to see their prisoned boyfriends. All images from Clamp Art.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Scorpio Rising - Sam Scott Schiavo

This must be the first time in the history of Zephyr-Files. One photographer getting a back to back post. I've known Sam Scott for quite a while now and I remember when he struggled and worked for some model agencies, moving between Italy and Austria. Nowadays not a month passes by without one of his fantastic shoots in major magazines. I am so happy for him!

This is another great publication in Client Magazine. A tribute to Kenneth Anger's 60's cult classic film Scorpio Rising featuring Travis Hanson (Soul Artists Management), Michael Stecki and Marcus Zierke (M4), Johannes G. (Body & Soul) and Patrick M. (Stella Models). Leather, latex and sweat, baby!

Tarik by Sam Scott Schiavo

From the very varied shoots Sam Scott Schiavo does, I always fell for his categoy "Real Men". Bosnian Tarik (Tempo Models) fits exactly in that category. Handsome, butch and hairy.

Papercut by Peter Callesen

Danish artist Peter Callesen combines plain sheets of paper with carefully folded and cut paper models, to create wonderfully artistic compositions. Peter’s project sizes range from monumental to minuscule, as can be seen at his gallery. Here's a selection of his more miniscule works.