Saturday, April 9, 2011



Slick it Up! - Going All The Way

Here's an inside view of the Slick It Up! office. I already thought the Google office looked like the coolest place to work, but I've changed my mind. I want to work at Slick it Up! Not for the human chair, not for the poodle, but for the "Joe Le Taxi" humming Francois ofcourse! Thanks to Queerclick for bringing this one to my attention!

Spring is in The Air!

We already had some nice days here in The Netherlands, but today was really a warm day. Almost felt like Summer instead of Spring! One of the benefits of moving to another part of our city is the fact that our backyard completely changed again. We now have a very large natural park as our background with wild horses, loads and loads of birds and, because we're in The Netherlands, cows!

We explored that area for a few hours this afternoon and ended the day in shorts, wearing flip-flops and drinking wine on our sunny balcony! I think we're ready for summer, so bring it on!

Charlie Gauci by Elvis Di Fazio

Model: Charlie Gauci
Photography: Elvis Di Fazio
Imagesource: WowWowMe

Pink & Blue - JeongMee Joon

South Korean artist JeongMee Joon started his Pink & Blue Project in 2005. Triggered by his daughter's preference for the color pink he started photographing boys and girls from several cultural backgrounds surrounded by their toys, clothes and other stuff. And he discovered that no matter where children live, girls prefer pink and boys prefer blue.

I myself preferred green as a child. But I never surrounded myself with only one color. And my parents never raised me or my sister feedforcing the color pink or blue on us. Still when you google baby girl or baby boy you'll discover a lot of parents do.

Thiago Ribeiro by Gregory Vaughan

Model: Thiago Ribeiro
Photography: Gregory Vaughan

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.