Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of the Year

I wish all my readers, viewers, commenters, friends and people who just happen to pass by a great New Year's Eve and all the best for 2011! If you liked 2010, make sure 2011 will get even better. If you didn't like 2010, you now have the oppertunity to turn 2011 into a wonderful year, starting tomorrow!

Love and happiness to all of you!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Personal Top 25 of 2010

So I published the most viewed posts of 2010. COS commented and asked me about my personal Top 10. That's hard with almost 1600 posts in 2010, so I made it a personal Top 25:

#25 World Aids Day 2010
Because I really liked that image I created.

#24 Fun with Facebook
Because it's good to be creative within a dull lay-out.

#23 Alpine Fresh - Sam Scott Schiavo

Because I waited so long before it was released.
(and it didn't disappoint!)

#22 Renovated House - Soglio CH
Because I want to go to there! (see also #9)

#21 36
Because it's a beautiful age and I created myself
a very nice birthday card.

#20 Snow
Because that was a lovely day and I didn't know back then
that 2010 would be filled with snow and ice.

#19 Undress Tony Ward at Wrangler
Because I find this one of the best campaigns in 2010.

#18 Hurray!
Because it's always good when he returns!

#17 Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé
Because this was a musicvideo that that put video
into the music again!

#16 Goodnight
Because of the many Goodnights, this was one of my favourites.

#15 Coffee Break wit J@V@JuNKiE
Because this fellow blogger and good friend deserves a spot in this list.

#14 Clothes Off - Valerio Pino
Because he's a beautiful hairy model and I love hairy people.

#13 6 Days in Spain
Because of the awesome pictures I took.

#12 SwaggerWagon
Because this is my #1 commercial in 2010

#11 This is Not an Egg
Because I found myself very funny and I got 0 comments.

#10 Getting Hooked Up
Because Peter is an evil bastard and I like evil bastards.

#9 I Want to Go to There!
Because Tina Fey is the funniest woman on earth and this became my new mantra.

#8 Landschaftspark Duisburg
Because this was the most amazing place I visited in 2010.

#7 Let's Get Married Today!
Because we're a funny couple and this is a funny shoot.

#6 Chip Tanner Having Cyber Sex With Himself
Because I laughed so hard while watching this I pulled my groin and had to cancel a movie.

#5 Let Me Entertain Me
Because I AM funny!

#4 Sia - I'm In Here
Because this song and video moved me the most in 2010.

#3 Zunday Afternoon Adventure #1

Because this one really has potential to become a regular feature in 2011!

#2 Three Lazy Weeks in France
Because these three lazy weeks were the best weeks in 2010.

#1 FYI
Because the truth is all in there.

Jason Sturdevant by Daniel D’Ottavio

Model: Jason Sturdevant (Ford Models)
Photography: Daniel D’Ottavio
Imagesource: VGL

Top Ten Posts of 2010

Sick and tired of all those Top Ten lists popping up at the end of the year? Well, here's another one. The Top Ten Favourite posts at Zephyr-Files based on pageviews. These 10 entries were watched the most. I am glad at least one of them is a personal post, because my list would have been completely different!

#10: 6 Days in Spain

#9: Bootcamp by Sam Scott Schiavo

#8: Don't Play Ball in the House

#7: I Was Here by Mandersson

#6: In the Long Run

#5: Darkness Falls

#4: Aden Jaric by Gabriel Goldberg

#3: Darren Lloyd by Shoot Me Up

#2: Naked Man by Adam Fike

#1: Chase Hostler by Rick Day

Shake it!

François Sagat by Felipe Morozini

François Sagat was photographed by Felipe Morozini during his stay in Brazil. Images kindly borrowed from Made in Brazil.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Because it's my blog. That's why. And because it's a beautiful shot of a beautiful woman in a beautiful year photographed by a photographer specialized in beauty and besides that it's a beautiful tribute to that other beautiful lady. Madonna photographed by Steven Meisel back in 1991 for Vanity Fair as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

Carlos Villar by David Wagner

That other awesome blog Men Without Clothes posted these very sexy shots of Mexican model Carlos Villar photographed by David Wagner. Still the boxing theme, which we saw a lot in both 2009 and 2010, but maybe 2011 will bring us a new sportstheme!

2010 - The Big Picture Edition

The Big Picture over at delivered some of the most beautiful captures of news in 2010. At the end of this year they compiled a selection of 120 of their best shots which you can find here. My post contains a selection of 10 out of those 120 pictures.

Where the Hell is Willem #129

Can you tell me where I am?

Daniel Garofali by Rick Day

Model: Daniel Garofali
Photography: Rick Day
Imagesource: wowwowme

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Almost everyone I know has something from IKEA at home. Ofcourse! They have good basics and not everyone is rich. People who are creative never have to buy expensive design, one of the many advantages of being creative!

The people at Mykea offer the less creative the oppertunity to have a blast with some of IKEA's classics like MALM, BILLY and PAX. They offer perfectly priced panels which can be placed on several of these items. Here are a few examples, but make sure to check out their site, because they have many, many more!