Saturday, March 24, 2012


Let's Go Outside.

Lovely summerish day outside with El Husband and Les Parents. Nice walk in our so called backyard, chinese food and ofcourse wine and beer. And now I really feel like spending an entire day in the sun; red blushes and satisfied! Hurray for Spring! And boooh sunburn!

The Sound Of

LUV Fredje!

While Peter, my sister and yours truly spent the evening outside on the balcony boozing and smoking and chatting the evening away, our brother in law cleaned out his attic and kept whatsapping these VERY cool pictures of him wearing all kinds of headgear. Have I ever told you I have the best brother in law I could have wished for? No? Well, I have the best brother in law I could have wished for! LUV Fredje!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Spring Has Sprung

Such a beautiful week! Spring is all over the country and people have started to undress. Which is a very odd thing to see. Guys in shorts and flip-flops and no leaves on the trees. And boy oh boy, do those legs look pale!

Happy MDNA Day!

I know big parts of the world have to wait untill next Monday, but here in Europe it's MDNA Day! After a long wait it's finally been released. Madonna's follow up to Hard Candy. I've been a bad boy for days now, listening to the album and without giving a full review already, I must say that this album has very few weak songs. Too bad the first two single releases were two of the weaker tracks. They don't represent the album at all.

From the snippets released on Perez Hilton I already picked a few favourites. And Gang Bang and I'm Addicted are indeed amongst my favourites. But after listening to the album in full I can add Love Spent, I'm A Sinner and I Don't Give A to that list. But as always, these favourites are subject to change during the next few weeks. The song that won't make that list is Superstar. That one is insanely stupid, haha!

Room Service - The Sex Tape 3

It's here! After part 1 and part 2, the third part of The Sex Tape has been released last week. Created again by Thomas Knights & Jodie Harsh and additional filming by Marco Ovando.

In this third part we see Francois Sagat, Will Helm, Bradie Jay Glenn, La Pequena, Jonathan Agassi, Tate Ryder, Geronimo, Amanda Lepore, Vic Banker and Jodie Harsh. Unfortunately no Kennedy Carter this time. Check them out at Tumblr!

You'll See It. Your Kids Won't.

You'll see it. Your kids won't. A beautiful campaign for a child lock on the erotic channel Beathe Uhse. While your kids (how many of my readers have kids??) watch cartoons during the day, you can grab a glass of wine in the evening and put on some beautiful porn. And your kids won't even know it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


MDNA - Girl Gone Wild

Here's the video for Madonna's second MDNA single "Girl Gone Wild" directed by Mert & Marcus. Musically it goes on where Celebration ended. Same vibe. The video however has many influences. A lot of influences from her own past, but also from her much talked about fan Gaga. Let the feud between the different fan-bases begin! I don't care. It's good that people inspire each other. And Madonna has won every battle with female stars in the past. She's still here. And yes, still relevant!

Norbi by Sam Scott Schiavo

Model: Hungarian actor Norbi (Wam Models)
Photography: Sam Scott Schiavo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Kylie - Anti Tour

Damn! With all the buzz around Madonna's new release I almost forget to follow The Next Best Thing called Kylie! 25 years in the business and still celebrating. And how! She performed in Australia this year. Her Anti Tour. A collection of b-sides, demos and rarities. Which she has a lot and I can totally imagine her filling a night with those.

Fingers crossed that she will bring this show this way, but if she doesn't I can totally understand that. It's nice to treat the Australian fans to a concert. It's where it all started 25 years ago.

Gui Costa by Joseph Sinclair

Model: Gui Costa (L'Equipe Agence)
Photography: Joseph Sinclair
Imagesource: MaleModelScene


Well hello there, cutest LEGO campaign in a long time! I love how this campaign by German agency Jung von Matt called "Imagine" really leaves nothing to the imagination. Those small coloured blocks can embody every cartoon on earth in such a simple yet very effective way. I bet you can name them all!

Jean Paul Gaultier by Damien Blottière

Damien Blottière published these beautiful pictures/collages of Jean Paul Gaultier for the April 2012 issue of OUT Magazine. Lovely!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Sagat Brushes with Bieber

Dancing in my Underbroek!

Echo - You and I

The Netherlands are gonna send a flower-power girl decorated with Native American headgear to the Eurovision Song Contest... meh...

Forget about the flower-power girl and watch the French contribution for this year! Echo's video for You and I was directed by Roy Raz and has influences from Metropolis, Madonna's Express Yourself, Gaga's Born This Way and a lot of Steven Klein photos and videos. Apart from the video it's a great tune! Some nice twists and surprises, ideal for a Eurovision Song Contest!