Saturday, June 16, 2012


François Sagat by Klaus Roethlisberger

Model: François Sagat
Photography: Klaus Roethlisberger

MDNA - Human Nature

The MDNA Tour gives us Madonna showing her boob after performing Human Nature. Or her ass. Which gets a lot of media coverage ofcourse. But can I just focus on how good she looks during these shows? All the fan pictures show us a non-photoshopped Madonna and damn, I wanna look this good at 53! Except for the boobs ofcourse, boobs look silly on me, as does hair on my head.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


La Mattina - Sam Scott Schiavo

Model: Matt (WAM Models)
Photography: Sam Scott Schiavo


Yes! We finally went to the happiest place on earth again! No, not a Disney park, those are the saddest places on earth to me. We went to De Efteling! And it felt like it used to feel when I was a 7 year old again. Couldn't sleep the night before and all excited during the car-drive.

Before we went, I asked through Tumblr what settings to use on my Hipstamatic cam. The final choice might give it agloomy and dark feeling, but that suits the park (as well as the weather). 

A lovely day without a drop of rain, hardly any lines and a lot of new attractions we had not experienced before. One of those perfect days!

Happy Birthday!

Today, 39 years ago, a mother gave birth to a child. Happens all the time, I hear you think, which is true, but this was a special child. This boy that was born on June 13th 1973 is now the boy I may proudly call my husband. And it's his birthday today! 

Baby, (I never call you baby... so this sounds silly)... Menneke, a big fat kiss on both cheeks and one on the lips and I love you so fucking much that I'm NOT going to place Madonna's silly Birthday Song in this post!

And for all the people wanting to congratulate him themselves, you can do so by visiting his Tumblr page YBWUJW.

Sunday, June 10, 2012