Saturday, April 24, 2010


Beach Bum

Model: Samueal (Boss Models)
Photography: Christoph Musiol

Time Goes By So Slowly

(for those who wait and those who run seems to have all the fun)

A Room with a View

As you can see our sky is not empty anymore. Planes come and go high in the sky. Beautiful lines at sunset and fuzzy marks of burned kerosine at daytime. Still haven't decided what's worse for a human, vulcanic ashes or kerosine.

Pref Mag #38

Here's a first look at the May/June issue of Pref Mag. I especially like this spread on 70's Icons photographed by Brian Kaminski. More here.

Gregor Gaida - Wooden Tales

These beautiful sculptures by Polish artis Gregor Gaida are made of wood combined with polyester and aluminium. The fact that they're just parts of the human body and still have such dynamic poses make them really interesting to me. Read more on Gregor Gaida here.

Grooming 2010

The latest answers to the shave or not shave question by the debut edition of Germans GQ Care magazine. Mr. Ward trimmed and shaved, beard styles for 2010. Photography by Robert Erdmann.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Useless Fliers

Mitch Baker by Gregory Vaughan

Model: Mitch Baker (Major Model Management)
Photography: Gregory Vaughan

I See You on the Street When You Walk on By

Hey there little lady! Having fun shooting new material for a future D&G campaign? Good to see you on the streets of NYC again! Well, you deserved a break from walking those streets again with guys half your age. Have a sip of your water and smile at Mr. Steven Klein! Can't wait till Fall!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Why Not?

A paper shredder and a kitchen roll are the stars
in this movie by Pauline Bastard.

Jacub Furgerson by Joseph Bleu

Model: Jacub Furgerson (Click Models NYC)
Photography: Joseph Bleu

Chad White by Justin Wu


I know, my last two goodnights already were pictures of the Icelandic vulcano Eyjafjallajokull, but who can ever get enough of Mother Nature at her best?, a great source for beautiful collections of photos released a great set all about this vulcano going wild in the last few weeks. Here's a selection, but I urge you to enjoy the complete set by clicking here.