Saturday, February 19, 2011


Norwegian Sunrise

Cunt whore! This video really gave me mountain wood! Norwegian sunrise by Fuglefjellet. I am so glad clips like these are made. Way better than most porn and exactly the right amount of time.

François Sagat by Terry Richardson

Out Magazine published this very butch shoot featuring François Sagat by Terry Richardson. Check out their website for the article that comes with this photoshoot. And watch a sneek peak of the making at the bottom of this post.

You Invited Me

“You invited me. It is not my custom to go where I am not wanted.”

Lost Highway (1997)

Lucas Gil by Didio

Model: Lucas Gil (L'Equipe Agence)
Photography: Didio. Complete set at Models by Didio

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Tony Ward - Man at Work

This editorial called 'Man At Work' photographed by Giampaolo Sgura in the latest issue of OUT magazine shows the versatality of Ubermodel Tony Ward. Over the years we've seen so many versions of Tony Ward. As a model, as an artist, as a filmmaker, as an actor. Now we see him as a doctor, a butcher, a personal trainer, a car mechanic, a McDonald's employee, a biker and an astronaut. (imagesource: Homotography)

Flooring the Big White Box

The big white canvas became a big white box last week. A big white box with an ugly concrete floor. So today we covered that concrete with a nice layer of whitewashed oak. Together with my old man and my (not so old) brother in law, we did half of the house today and hopefully the other half tomorrow.

And when I emptied my memorycard tonight I discovered this very sweet message Peter carved into the bottom layer. He really loved me today! And in 100 years time people will remove the floor and find this hidden message as well!

The Shining - Ben Whitesell

Okay, no one complained about the amount of posts on The Shing, so here I go again. Some of my loyal followers happen to be great Stumblers as well. So I was very happy to receive this poster by Ben Whitesell from Tonnya today. A beautiful typographic approach to this movie. Clever design! (which oddly reminds me of one of my own designs in art-school for a poster for the play Waiting for Godot)

Almost Spring

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Complete set available here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Come Play With Us Danny

Found at the great canadian J@V@-JuNKiE. Illustrations by Josh Cooley who is a Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios. Ofcourse this is my favourite one. His take on that famous scene from The Shining. Oh and if you guys think I should do less blogging on that movie, please let me know ;) I can assure you that I don't watch this movie every week. Even worse; I haven't seen this movie in years. I tried watching it. Many times. But the opening scene alone gives me the shivers. That music, that camera-angle.... goosebumps thinking of it!

The Boy Maharajah

Model: River Viiperi (Nous Model Management)
Photography: Ram Shergill for Drama Magazine
Imagesource: Homotography

3D Glasses Necklace

I am not a man of jewelry. Besides my two beautiful rings I never wear any. But I can imagine myself wearing this fantastic (and nerdy) 3D glasses necklace made out of stainless steel by Design Glut. Black or white?