Saturday, January 3, 2009

Steve Hubert - WOW!


After uploading that little movie of Komet & Kiamo I realized who they reminded me of. They reminded me of ME! This is a classic shot of me at age 1 or something just after I pulled out all the books off the shelves. My sister has this picture in her house and was kind enough to send it to me. Thanks!

I Don't Even Know Your Name

Came across this set while surfing. No idea who this guy is, so if anyone has a name, feel free to post it here. I find him VERY hot!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Komet & Kiamo are such Fags!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Too Dirrty to Clean my Act Up

Name that Tune #47

What song can see wordled up above?
Oh! And while you're at it... solve #46 as well, will you?

Funny & Cute

Ronald Goedemondt is a dutch comedian. Funny as hell and cute as well! Seen two of his shows on television now and trying to score tickets for his current show. Hard job, this guy is booming at the moment!

Brian Wood

Anthony Pacella

Slice of Ham Anyone?

Much more fun at FAIL Blog.

Libertines - UK Naked Men

"It's almost dawn as our two libertines return to the manor from a night of carousing. Rampaging has taken its toll and Pedro is need of a foot rub, which leads to a groin rub, which leads to... well you can guess can't you? Layers of clothing are discarded as they grapple and grope each other in their thirst for flesh and muscle. Pedro's too impatient to remove Daniel's Long Johns and tears them to gain access to Daniel's delicious hole, breathing in the musk as he buries his face between the perfect orbs of arse, probing with his hot tongue, getting it slick and wet, ready for for his thick, throbbing cock. They flip-flop fuck their way to messy, wet cum shots, splattering each others' bristling chests with great gobs of cum. As dawn breaks our two heros melt into a satisfied slumber in the sumptuous surroundings of their elegant home".

Libertines would have definately got a top 3 spot in my list for 2008 if I discovered it sooner. Realtime boyfriends Daniel and Pedro have got everything I look for in a good pornmodel. Rough, hairy, butch, pierced and 100% commitment to the job. The setting is amazing (how the hell do you rent a house like that to shoot porn?) and this is definately one of the best movies at UK Naked Men I've seen in some time.