Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Night at the Motel

Jay Diers: A Night at the Motel

Jay Diers is at it again! The young photographer from Iowa took a chance looking into American motel rooms and surprises us anew with unusually intimate, warm-hearted and yet in-your-face portraits. The bored farm boys of the American Midwest seem as if they’ve just been waiting for their chance to finally show themselves to the world! And so they pose, beguile with their young bodies and seem to be saying just one thing – “Take me!” But the photos never seem blatant or exploitative thanks to Diers’ respectful and dignified handling of his models. This is a magnificent portrait of American youth!

Across 120 pages Diers presents moody snapshots, running the gamut from young men’s melancholy in the solitude of American motels on the one hand and budding sexuality and awakening into a yet undiscovered corporality on the other. Diers’ unique color schemes and the self-confident demeanour of his young models contrasts with the never-changing visuals of various motels. A sensual, naughty atmosphere infuses the book and proves the artist a master of intelligent erotic photography.

Jay Diers was born in the American Midwest and has been working as a freelance photographer and graphic artist for 14 years. His images of raw beauty have graced the pages of various magazines like BLUE. Jay really enjoys capturing these tall lanky farm boys from Iowa. This is his second book of photography after his wildly successful RAW YOUTH.

Photobook, 120 pages,full-color / duotone, hardcover 7.5 x 10.25“ / 19,5 x 26 cm
Release Date Europe: August 2007Release Date USA: October 2007

Beautiful Stranger

Daniel B.

Happy Birthday Maxima

Today our beloved Princess Maxima turns 37.

Sticky & Sweet Saturday Morning

A saturday morning well spent. We bought our tickets for the Madonna concert in september without big lines or any stress.

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

6 am

A short film by Carmen Vidal set in New York - winner of the Student Academy Award in 2006. It's a documentary in the "urban symphony" style, and depicts New York city in the moments before dawn.

There's something about cities waking up. When I think about mornings in the city I always think about Paris, when they clean the streets by running water through them, the sounds of a city which you hear all day, but more focused on.

Arnhem wakes up like that as well, cleaning, preparing the city for a new day, the guy across the street preparing the terrace, hours before the first visitors will arrive. He always ends his ritual by having a cappuchino on his favourite spot on that terrace. Great to watch when you know he has no clue that you watch him every morning.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Shorts Stories

One of my favourite glossy blogs Fantastics Mag has a new issue online. It's shot by Tate Tullier and features model Nyle in various types and brands of underwear. Interesting material and great photography!

Christopher by Fred Goudon

4 x Daan

Always nice to receive pictures from loyal readers and good friends. Luvinus took this picture of a Mexx store-window, which he thought looked like 4 times me.
I have to agree with him. The hair? Resembling!

Thilo Folz