Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sagat's Hollywood

See François Sagat doing his own version of Hollywood by Jean Babtiste Mondino for Madonna. Just as they let them inspire by the photography of Guy Bourdin. It's hard to be original, but I don't mind being inspired by others.

Happy Easter

Hongkong Architecture

Have a look at Michael Wolf's website with a lot of very impressive photographs of Hongkong buildings.

Holy Night!

So many years ago this guy seemed to have died these days.

Last night I had a very religious dream about his father.
I was in a village and all the people in that village came to an open space in a forest. They had picknickbaskets, they brought coffee and some of them were wearing 3D-glasses. Seemed like an eclipse was about to happen.
It was very dark and suddenly we heard a lot of noise from the sky. Like something was falling down. Then something did fall down. It was a very big sized coffeespoon. I asked what happened because everybody was cheering and a woman told me this happened every year on that spot. Clumsy God drinking tea and dropping his spoon.
Then we had a conversation about how happy and peaceful and openminded the people in this village are. They didn't need religious rules or bibles or praying because they had their falling coffeespoon every year and that was proof enough for God to exist.

Goodmorning Evan

Friday, March 21, 2008

Once More, Without Willow...

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Michelle Trachtenberg & Sarah Michelle Gellar

Nicholas Brendon

Joss Whedon

Emma Caulfield

James Marsters

Seth Green

Amber Benson (wow!!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Seth Green

Charisma Carpenter

James Marsters

Michelle Trachtenberg

An almost complete reunion of the Buffy cast yesterday at The 25th Paley TV Festival in Hollywood. Some still looking great, some a bit aged, but all very happy. The only person that I really miss on these photo's is Alyson Hannigan (Willow).

Peter cheats on me

Since a couple of weeks Peter is hooked on playing The Sims 2 again. Last few days I see him sitting behind his pc all red and excited. He discovered a website where people have created hunky Sim-characters. Leaves me being alone with my cup of tea...

Cup of Tea?

Maybe not everybody's cup of tea, but François Sagat is definately my cup of tea. No sugar please! He's a very interesting guy with an interesting choice in shoots. Check out his own Blog here. Oh, and click on the montage down below to see him built up out of many of his past shoots.


I just noticed that I am using a lot of brown colours lately. Time to post this beautiful picture I found at BeautifulMag. It's shot by Dylan Rosser, one of my favourite photographers of the male nude.


Today spring has started. It's raining outside and I even saw some snowflakes. This day is also the day that many of my friends have their first day of Rollercoastering. Several themeparks open their gates for the 2008 season on this date. I myself prefer my Rollercoaster Tycoon game in a dry and warm livingroom.

The Evolution of Marco Dapper

This is how I saw Marco Dapper (july 9th 1983) for the first time. A smooth guy, incredibly beautiful and completely naked in the movie "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds".

Last year this picture appeared. Rugged, unshaved and very masculin.

But last week I came across this series of pictures made by Strong Photography. Even more rugged, a beard, unshaved chest and more than masculin. In two years time he changed a lot and he seems to look more beautiful every year. Can't wait for 2009.

I'm not religious.

This week they celebrate Semana Santa in Sevilla. It's the holy week before Easter and what I really like about it are these creepy outfits and hoods that make the members of the religious brotherhoods totally anonymous.


Excellent musicvideo made by my YouTube heroes BaratsandBereta.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stupid Q-uestion! Next!

Hollywood Calling

This picture always reminds me of one of my favourite Madonna video's; Hollywood. Calling, rolling on the floor and probably masturbating. As much as I like Madonna's work with Steven Klein I really like to see her getting back together again with Jean Babtiste Mondino, because Hollywood was their last collaboration and that was four years ago. Maybe after the US-based Hard Candy we can expect a new European collaboration explosion again?

Series 3

This is what I smell like most of my days.


Interesting and very tastefull tattoo on this body.

Patrick Martens

Patrick Martens (Breda, april 4th 1978) is a dutch actor who I never noticed because I don't watch soaps or tv for children. Noticed him in "Wie is de Mol" and he made that 2008 version a pleasure for the eyes. Not only goodlooking but also very kind, so it seems.