Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Scan, Beautiful Face

Found this picture at TLV Extravaganza. Beautiful face, but very bad scan. So before I can post a picture like this I need to do some work. Simple and fast, but with a pretty good result.

Saturday Night

Going out? Clubbing? Parties? Call me an old cow but this is how I spend most of my saturday nights. At home, a drink and (bad me) a cigarette.


Photography by Claire Fisher

Fisher Family Portraits Episode 310

Here Claire is consciously trying to do art photographs of the other Fishers. It was the first time that she did that, so it prefigured the later big leap, when she has her big inspiration with Russell and gets into the collage photos. (source)


Saw this ad in a dutch magazine, but can't find anything bigger than this online. I turned the page and fell in love (or to be honest just felt the urge to shag...). What an extremely beautiful guy!

Tony Ward by Rick Castro

Kenneth, is that you?


Since the beginning of the nineties it has always been a good combination. Rick Castro photographing Tony Ward. I like Mr. Ward's work a lot, he seems to take all jobs and has a very divers portfolio. Been around for 3 decades now and always a pleasure to see him still being featured in the magazines. Yes, men age different than women.

Thomas Synnamon

Two photographs by Thomas Synnamon. (source)

Swiss DO it Better

(images from cazzo-films)

If you browse through our photoalbums from the mid-nineties you will see some pictures of an innocent sweet swiss guy. Go to the current website of Cazzo-films and you see that same guy, only a lot bigger and a lot more shaved and trimmed. Meet Christoph Scharff. We met him in 1995 but lost contact with him a few years later. In 2004 I was watching a porn on a sundaymorning (don't judge me!) and I met Christoph again. Fucked in a public art-exhibition in Pure, heading for South Africa in Luthando and being the unknown stranger in Dot.Cum. Arrousing but weird thought.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Swiss do it Better

Here are two of my favourite photos by my favourite swiss photographer Eke. Coincidence was that I admired him way before I discovered he is a close friend of a close friend of mine. We had diner in Zürich last november. Not only does he make fantastic photos, he's also a very sweet and relaxed guy! Check him out on Flickr.


Off to the theatre tonight to see the new show by the Ashton Brothers (site in dutch). Theatre, acrobatics, mime, humour and music!

Ryan Philippe

On the Cover of a Magazine


Defending the world or still conquering the world? You decide.

Alan Ritchson


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vanessa Paradis on Fire

Have a look at the new video for Vanessa Paradis' song L'incendie.
If you like this song make sure you listen to the rest of the album that came out last year. It's good!

Brazilian Beauty

Beautiful brazilian campaign for safe sex. This beautiful guy is covered with red condoms. A nice tribute to that great scene in one of my favourite movies "American beauty". Source

Foie Gras

I am not a vegetarian, but foie gras is being produced in a terrifying way. Once tried it and like liver, I just don't like it, apart from the way it's being produced.

Mon Dieu

Frédéric Michalak (October 16th 1982, Toulouse, France) is a french rugbyplayer and one of "les Dieux du Stade". Here you can see his many different looks in the last few years.

And finally his Biotherm Hommes-campaign.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bejing 2008: The Logo

Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour (born April 24th, 1977) has been seen in many tv-shows and movies, but for me it's still the first guy in Sunnydale to be bitten by a vampire (1997) and ofcourse Claire Fisher's toe-sucking boyfriend (2001-2003).

I think he would be a very good actor to play Jesus.
Sweaty and halfnaked with a lot of charisma.