Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Bomb

Here's the latest addition to the Exterface website.
Baby Bomb features Claude Simao and although the whole theme is a bit unclear to me it has the best ass-shot in it I've seen in a long time (white underwear and red AllStars)!

W Magazine

Here are the first two shots of the new spread Steven Klein and Madonna did for W Magazine. It's gonna be a lot of pages again, like they did before. I must say I am not shaking in my stylish yet affordable boots after seeing these two shots, but hey, I won't judge till I've seen the whole shoot. Great to see her interact with this nice young man. Very Bad Girl!

Where the Hell is Willem? #30

Can you tell me where I am?

David Gandy Backstage

Travis and Doug for Vogue Paris

Here's a look at the spread Steven Klein did with Travis Hanson and Doug Porter (sorry I don't know your name lady...) for the Lara Stone issue of Vogue Paris.

Different Candy

Here are eight shots Steven Klein shot for the Hard Candy album, but were never used. I find them really beautiful and prefer these over the pictures used in the end. I never liked the pink candy theme and would really to have seen her use these shots combined with the dark boxing-shoot. Well, at least the whole set was released now, which is a real rarity!

Tiago Prisco & A Carton of Milk

Found this beautiful set of pictures at Tres Fab Sweetie!
Shot by spanish photographer Tiago Prisco.

Hard Candy Outtake

Countdown 7 days

Jonas Sulzbach