Saturday, January 8, 2011


Gayniggers from Outer Space

Tonight's Feature Film is called Gayniggers from Outer Space and was brought to you by the NRA in association with Victoria's Secret. We interrupt this movie two times. The toilets are in the right wing of the building, the glow-in-the-darkroom is on the left. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

No One is Innocent

Ghostbusters at H&M

Saw this t-shirt at H&M last week. They have a whole range of Ghostbusters-themed clothing, but this is my favourite. Although... I prefer the simple black shirt with just the logo that I can't find anywhere. One day I might rip it off Sander Lantinga's body I'm afraid...

But the text on this t-shirt is completely true. Especially when you see the pic below! Who's afraid of ghosts after seeing them play a game of tabletennis? I certainly am not.

Tony Ward for Blue Bell 2011

Remember that awesome campaign Tony Ward did for Wrangler's Blue Bell devision in 2010? Undressing him and tossing him around? I mentioned that campaign in my Top 25 of 2010 as best campaign of last year.

The follow-up is now online. You throw Tony Ward through some kind of parcours, dragging him by his clothes. This one is even better since it was shot entirely on location instead of a studio. Visit the website here and have some fun with Mr. Ward!

The Death of Garofali

Model: Daniel Garofali
Photography: Luke Austin
Imagesource: wowwowme

Tiny Little Orgasms

Another beautiful tilt-shift movie. After my posts on Coachella and Swiss trains here's a look at the Canadian resort Whistler. And again, this makes me tingle in my pants, gets me a little excited, makes me want to go to there and be a miniature figure. Beautiful!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Emmanuel Moire

Emmanuel Moire, a french singer whose name I had not heard before came out in french magazine Têtu last year and went from the picture above (cute, but not sexy) to the shorthaired version below (cute and very sexy!!).

Apparently coming out wasn't enough because recently the picture below appeared on Guys with iPhones. And as soon as it appeared it disappeared as well, so I was glad to find out Queerclick made a screenshot of this very naked Emmanuel for us to enjoy!

And to make sure you don't only focus on his nice french uncut peen, here's his latest video called Adulte & Sexy with a lot of straight sexiness in it.

The Mole 2011

Tonight was the kick-off of one of my favourite tv-shows "Wie is de Mol?" or simply "The Mole" in proper english. And what a kick-off it was! In the first big game the ten contestants (picture below) had to communicate through colours. Not knowing that the colours would be displayed by fireworks high above San Salvador at night. Stunning television!

Don't try to contact me on a thursday evening in the next few weeks. I will be glued to my tv-set and not even get up when my house is on fire!

Chad White & Kyle Ledeboer by Andrea Vecchiato

Models: Chad White & Kyle Ledeboer
Photography: Andrea Vecchiato
Imagesource: The Fashionisto