Friday, November 14, 2008

Justify My Love

Photography: Simon Pais-Thomas from Chile
Source: Greek Brazilian Boy

Where the Hell is Willem? #5

Okay, #4 was clearly way too hard for you guys. It was Denver with the Elitch Gardens themepark. Now let's continue with an easy entry: can you tell me where I am?

Beautiful Stranger

Rodrigo Calasanz for BUTCH

Venice in the Rain

Well well well! We are good in surprises and good in keeping our mouths shut!
We planned this weeks before. Booked 3 tickets to Venice, booked a hotel last week and told my stepdad to keep my mom free for 3 days.

Last tuesday he dropped her off at a carpool-spot. She really had no clue why. Then she saw us and went even more Cher Horowitz. We put her in our car and drove into Germany. All she could do was guessing. Going to a restaurant? But why did she need a little suitcase with luggage then? Staying over at our place? But why driving into Germany??

Then we arrived at the airport and she still did not have a clue. Even after going through customs authorities she did not know where we were going. In the end when we stood in line for our gate she finally saw the destination and the look on her face was priceless! Without us knowing it, it was always a big wish of hers to visit Venice in november, cloudy and without herds of people.

Well, she got exactly what she wanted. We had a wonderfull two days in Venice. Foggy, raining and no crowds at all. I never would have guessed I would like a rainy city-trip, but Venice is almost as good when it's raining as on a sunny day.

We walked a lot, visited the Guggenheim and the Academia, had extended lunches and dinners, hopped on and off boats, saw different islands around the city-centre and had a wonderfull time with mom!

Unfortunately our favourite venetian artist was closed these days:(