Saturday, April 28, 2012


Where the Hell is Willem? #151

Can you tell me where I am?

Simon by Madison

Last few weeks Dutch TV broadcasted the latest program on the hunt for the next supermodel called The Face. The program was a big flop, so it's good to see Simon, one of the contestants, got a modelling job. Very nice shoot by Madison which does much justice to his beautiful body. Oh and he was Peter's favourite, so I guess he's happy with this post.

Movies Made for the Moustache

Simple as well as clever. These posters with famous movie quotes replaced by a sexy moustache. Very hip and very cool idea by Jacob Engberg!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Thursday, April 26, 2012



This mug has my name written all over it! Well, it has the name "optimist" written all over it, but you get my point. I'm an optimist. And proud of it! My glass (or in this case mug) is always half full.

I remember way back when I had a Facebook account, so many people have a negative base. Complaining about work, complaining about the small things in life and complaining about the bigger issues. One of the reasons I left Facebook last year.

And like a real optimist, I'll finish this post with positivism; you can buy these cute mugs at Pigeon Toe.

The Cut - Sean Gomes

There's something very intimate in this shoot called The Cut by Sean Gomes. When you have your head shaved by someone else, you give away control. And although I'm bald myself, I know how important hair can be to a guy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Very French Gangsters

Very French Gangsters is not only a great name for a company, it's also a license to create imaginative sets like this. Selling eyewear for kids has never been this much fun. Bad-ass kids are fun kids!

A Room with a View

Matthieu Charneau by Ricardo Gomes

Model: Matthieu Charneau
Photography: Ricardo Gomes

You Want a Piece of Me?

"You Want a Piece of Me?". Famous words by pop sensation Britney Spears. But also famous words when Amsterdam demolished a piece of her city and gave it to my hometown Arnhem. Last winter this little piece of Amsterdam was rebuilt in the National Open Air Museum here in Arnhem. This Sunday we went to see it with our own four eyes. The outside looks great, inside some work needs to be done in my opinion. It's all a little bit too clean and modern. But again, a nice addition to this incredibly good museum!

Uma Thurman's Butt

 Cool campaign for LG's Home Cinema 3D Sound System! A different view on three movie posters created by Brazilian agency Y&R which does way more justice to Uma Thurman's butt!

Chris Petersen by Joseph Sinclair

Model: Chris Petersen (Specimen Models)
Photography: Joseph Sinclair
Imagesource: MaleModelScene

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Volver in Concert

Last night we went to see my mom's choir "Volver" perform a night filled with Argentine music. Since I designed the poster for the concerts we got free tickets and enjoyed a great night of beautiful music. 

If you're living in The Netherlands, you can see them perform in Deventer this afternoon or in Arnhem on June 1st.