Monday, February 21, 2011



Empty Shelves

The shelves and cupboards are getting more empty every night. The boxes however are piling up, stuffed with books, magazines, cd's and dvd's. Tomorrow my mom takes me out shopping for some extra room for our books (no more double stacking for a while, Tonnya!). Plain white BILLY ofcourse.

Funny how this place is being torn down and Peter and I only feel good and not sad. This house is a beautiful house and we spent some fantastic years in it. But in the end it wasn't a convenient house. It was a completely renovated old house when Peter bought it, but the old was still there and besides some nice features like the fireplace and the staircase, it was mainly a weird sized house that didn't even allow us to have a table to eat from. The new house is a Big White Cube and doesn't limit us in how to fill that space. That feels good!

Meatlovers Monday

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Decorating The Big White Cube

Yesterday we finished the flooring of the big white box. 110 m2 covered. Today every muscle in our body ached, so all we did this afternoon was cleaning up and turning the big white box into a big white cube. And like the London based White Cube, our own needed some art as well. So we took our original and priceless J@V@JuNKO with us and gave it a nice spot on the white wall.

Next weekend we will move in. Adding some life into the big white cube. My mom gave us some really great curtains for the bedroom today. Perfectly matching our Vietnamese Tamara deLempicka!

Letter to Letterman

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Sunday morning.