Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Beach #two

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Screw you, smoothies!

Nothing better than the real thing. Non-photoshopped, hairy and cute. This morning I shaved my head and trimmed my chest for a summerish look. Feels like I am doing something I shouldn't do, with all my principles about how hairy guys look so much better.
Well, I said trimmed, not shaved, so I still have a nice furry chest, only a bit shorter...

Sticky & Sweet Tour

She's coming! I just received an e-mail with a confirmation of Madonna's new tour. I think I will attend Amsterdam this time only, no use to go to Paris, because that concert will take place in a big stadium as well as Amsterdam.

Here's the scedule. The dates behind the locations are the dates when tickets go on sale.

23-Aug - Cardiff Millennium Stadium - Fri. May 16
26-Aug - Nice Stade Charles Ehrmann - Fri. May 16
28-Aug - Berlin Olympic Stadium - Wed. May 21
02-Sept - Amsterdam Arena - Sat. May 17
04-Sept - Dusseldorf LTU Arena - Wed. May 21
06-Sept - Rome Olympic Stadium - Fri. May 23
09-Sept - Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena - Wed. May 21
11-Sept - London Wembley Stadium - Fri. May 16
20-Sept - Paris Stade de France - Fri. May 16

03-Oct - E. Rutherford Izod Center - Mon. May 19
06-Oct - New York City Madison Square Garden - Mon. May 19
07-Oct - New York City Madison Square Garden - Mon. May 19
15-Oct - Boston TD BankNorth Garden - Sat. May 17
18-Oct - Toronto Air Canada Centre - Sat. May 24
22-Oct - Montreal Bell Centre - Sat. May 24
26-Oct - Chicago United Center - Sat. May 17
30-Oct - Vancouver BC Place Stadium - Sat. May 24
01-Nov - Oakland Oracle Arena - Sun. June 1
04-Nov - San Diego Petco Park - Sun. June 1
06-Nov - Los Angeles Dodger Stadium - Sun. June 1
08-Nov - Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena - Sat. May 31
11-Nov - Denver Pepsi Center - Sat. May 31
16-Nov - Houston Minute Maid Park - Sat. May 31
19-Nov - Philadelphia Wachovia Center - Mon. June 2
22-Nov - Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall - Mon. June 2
24-Nov - Atlanta Philips Arena - Sat. May 31
26-Nov - Miami Dolphin Stadium - Sat. May 31

Bring it On Kylie!

Here are two more pictures from Kylie's X concert in Paris last tuesday. She got some great reviews and what I've seen from it so far it really is a very fresh and new concert. I bet Peter is gonna love the cheerleading-section!

Head to Toe with Tom Ford

Fashion designer or model? Why not both? Tom Ford has got the talents and the looks. This spread in Prestige is a perfect example again!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chad White for Diesel

Angels in America

Tonight we went to see our first evening out of two of the play Angels in America played by Toneelgroep Amsterdam. A very intense play, featuring some of the best dutch and flemish actors. An empty stage with two big projections in the background and a soundtrack by David Bowie . It really was beautiful and emotional, much more intense than the series on dvd (which we also appreciated a lot). Tomorrow we will see the second half.

"Set in New York City in the mid-1980s, Act One of Millennium Approaches introduces us to the central characters. As the play opens, Louis Ironson, a neurotic, gay Jew learns his lover, Prior Walter, has AIDS. As the play and Prior's illness progress, Louis becomes unable to cope and moves out. Meanwhile, closeted homosexual Mormon and Republican law clerk Joe Pitt is offered a major promotion by his mentor, the McCarthyist lawyer Roy Cohn. Joe doesn't immediately take the job because he feels he has to check with his Valium-addicted, agoraphobic wife, Harper, who is unwilling to move. Unbeknownst to Joe, Roy is himself deeply closeted and, as Roy himself discovers later, has AIDS.

As the seven-hour play progresses, Prior is visited by ghosts and an angel who proclaim him to be a prophet; Joe finds himself struggling to reconcile his religion with his sexuality; Louis struggles with his guilt about leaving Prior and begins a relationship with Joe; Harper's mental health deteriorates as she realizes that Joe is gay; Joe's mother, Hannah, moves to New York to attempt to look after Harper and meets Prior after a failed attempt by Prior to confront Hannah's son; Harper begins to separate from Joe whom she has depended upon and find strength she was unaware of; and Roy finds himself in the hospital, reduced to the companionship of the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg and his nurse, Belize, a former drag queen and Prior's best friend, who meanwhile has to deal with Louis's constant demands for updates on Prior's health.

The play is deliberately performed so that the moments requiring special effects often show their theatricality. Most of the actors play multiple characters (e.g., the actress playing Prior's nurse also appears as the Angel). There are heavy Biblical references and references to American society, as well as some fantastical scenes including voyages to Antarctica and Heaven, as well as key events happening in San Francisco and at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park".