Friday, January 23, 2009

Off to the Snow!

We're off! Leaving this morning and first stop will be Zürich where we pick up a good friend and stay the night. Tomorrow we'll have a quick lunch in Lausanne and then we're heading for Val Thorens. Staying there till the 1st of February. See you all in a week and please misbehave while we're gone!

Sebastiaan Labrie

Sebastiaan Labrie (July 8th 1970) is a dutch actor and tv-presenter for a dutch network in trouble. He's also the hunkiest contestant on "Wie is de Mol?" (The Mole) this year.

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60% Does Not Care

So that was my first survey, about difference in height in a relationship. 60% of you didn't care, 26% preferred a taller partner and 13% wants a smaller person. Thanks for participating and I will do this more often. I really appreciated the comments!
Here's a picture from Peter's christmas party last year. He excuses himself for looking fat and I can vow for that, he really isn't (anymore). Next to him, his cute and very italian stallion (or My Little Pony) co-worker. And believe me, also in a professional environment, height does matter.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cameron Schultz by Joseph Bleu

Although the model is not really my type of guy, Joseph Bleu managed to deliver some beautiful work again! I really love the last four shots with the oversized pants.

Cameron Schultz is with major models nyc.

Achilles for Raw Image

Sibling Rivalry

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Visit their website for the complete spread.

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Summer of 2006

Had drinks tonight with my good friend and partner in crime Patricia. We are the same age and started art school 5 years ago together and clicked immediately. We both like beautiful things and care less about the concept or story behind the design than our fellow students. Call us superficial, because that's what we can BE!

Anyway, she gave me this cd with images from the summer of 2006 I forgot about. A perfect day at the waterside. Fucking hot, and delicious cool water! Silly to post these pics just before our ski-trip, but nice contrast!