Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Au Revoir.

Charles Devoe

Sticky & Sweet in Amsterdam

Last night we went to Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Concert in Amsterdam. We arrived late, because we didn't feel the need to be squeezed into the crowd. So after a beer and a wee we went into the hall and after half an hour the lights went down and the show began!

We were not that thrilled about the Confessions Tour, so my expectations were low. But wow, did I like this show! Full of energy, great setlist (but please no more Ray of Light and La Isla Bonita in the next ten years!) and beautiful backdrops. Highlights for me were the great mash-up between Vogue and 4 Minutes and the hysterical version of Like A Prayer.

Overall a very great night with one minor lack; I really missed a great opening by Steven Klein. The X-tatic Process shots and intro from 2004 are still the best work M has delivered in my humble opinion. So a good reason to refresh your memory with the shots below.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Let's get Personal

I read back some days of blogging and i noticed I became like the blogs I don't like. The lazy ones, just posting pictures. Our vacation started and we're busy as hell these days and will be off this thursday, so I promise when I come back I will become a dedicated blogger again. For now you'll have to do it with this very personal picture we took in Turkye some time ago.

Truck Alphabet

Beautiful alphabet by Eric Tabuchi. Must have taken him lots of miles on highways and lots of dollars on petroleum.... but in the end it's a beautiful CONCEPT.

Name that Tune #14

What 90's anthem can you see wordled up above? Oh and for all the people who like this game: number 12 and number 13 haven't been solved yet. They're not that hard, are they?

Andres Gutierrez

Anderson Davis

Kerry Degman for POP Magazine

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a sunday morning.