Friday, April 11, 2008

Some People have Real Problems

Peter got me the new(est) album by Sia.
Thirteen great tracks and if you don't turn it off after the last song, you'll get number fourteen as well, the brilliant Buttons. Beautiful voice and clever lyrics!

Some People Have real Problems:

1. Little Black Sandals
2. Lentil
3. Day Too Soon
4. You Have Been Loved
5. The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
6. Academia
7. I Go To Sleep
8. Playground
9. Death By Chocolate
10. Soon We'll Be Found
11. Electric Bird
12. Beautiful Calm Driving
13. Lullaby

Freie Sicht

Here's the cover of the new album "Freie Sicht" by Michael von der Heide, to be released in may this year.

I don't even know your name.

Heaven's Devil


New to IKEA is this sweet space-saving Laptop Station.
And they sell it in red as well! If only was this blog my office!

Kerry Degman

ESC: Sakis Rouvas

I must say that I don't care that much anymore about the Eurovision Song Contest. Most of the songs and performances are rip-offs and the ones that are original are most of the time completely crazy and over the top. Last time I did care was in 2004, when Sakis Rouvas represented Greece. Nice to see this former athlete exposing good parts of his body while singing!

Nine times Joe Lazo