Saturday, October 1, 2011



Napping. A thing I always thought belonged to Peter's parents. They're 70+ and people who are 70+ nap. At noon. With a blanket.

But secretly I nap as well. Every Saturday afternoon, Belgian TV gives me "Vlaanderen Vakantieland". Lately their programs got really boring and yes, I nap. At 6 in the afternoon on Saturday afternoons. So above you see me napping and this afternoon (before my nap), I caught Peter napping. Give us a break! We're 36 and 38! We are allowed to nap!

A Saturday Well Spent

Another beautiful day in the Land of the Dutch! And both off so another Saturday well spent with doing absolutely nothing!

After a nice walk in the sun we found a dead corpse. Or at least we thought it was a dead corpse (are there also corpses that are alive btw?). But when I got closer to take a picture of this dead woman I found out it was only her head. What a relief!

And after some good old balcony hanging and reading we decided to prepare for tonight and finally bought a lamp for the balcony for scratch. Okay, scratch is a good word to describe the lamp because it actually is scratched on several places. But who cares? We have exactly the lamp we wanted! Can't wait for dusk!

Boys Boys Boys

Here's a look at Dolce & Gabbana’s boys by Giampaolo Sgura for Antidote Magazine. Only words that come to mind:

Boys boys boys, I'm looking for a good time
Boys boys boys, get ready for my love
Boys boys boys, I'm looking for the good times
Boys boys boys, I'm ready for your love

Zombin Laden

Zombin Laden is a fake trailer made by Clément Deneux for a french contest. The film was shot in 4 days during the summer. Great concept, some very funny details and loads and loads of blood! Oh and if you like kittens... skip the last 30 seconds. Goodmorning to you too!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Joachim Baldouf - Ich Liebe Euch #1

Beautiful editorial by Joachim Baldouf called Ich Liebe Euch #1 (translated: I Love Both of You #1) for the first issue of German Horst Magazine. A tribute to threesomes with three models that are really my cup of tea!

I myself have had threesomes in the past. It's a different kind of sex and not everybody can play that game. Some people are afraid they can't devide their attention to both other guys. For others it's impossible to have sex without loving a person and loving two persons is a very rare thing.

For me it's easy to seperate sex from love. And I am not afraid to give one guy less attention than the other. I can be selfish and egocentric during sex, so my only worry is to get loads of attention from both guys.... whehehehehehe! What do you have to share about threesomes?

(images via Homotography)

Thursday Afternoon

What a beautiful way to spend a Thursday afternoon! Stopped working at 4.30 and drove to the river with a big bottle of water and my book*. Spent a nice couple of hours in the sun and no, I didn't get sunburned.

*) A Widow for One Year by John Irving, 1998


Happy International Coffee Day!

Note This - Roman Fisher

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Before I Die

Before I die I want to have my ass shaved by François Sagat. Which is funny, because in general I don't want my ass to be shaved. Weird, how death wants to make you do unusual stuff. Not that I'm about to die, but still...

Perfect Pixels

Since everything is about pixels these days, reduced Leonardo da Vinci's classic down into 140 exact circular characters of colour. And amazingly it works! This is Mona Lisa for the next generation. The only thing missing is the smile. For that you still have to stand in line for the Louvre in Paris.

Summer 2.0

The reason why I'm not a big blogger this week? Summer is back in all its glory, so I spend my free time at the balcony, sucking up the sunshine, together with our plants. Sometimes I take a break from sucking and water my plants. And when a very dear friend decides to come over I just lure him into the sunshine with me. A lovely week!

Oh and Canada is copying my behaviour. I sent the picture above to THE Master of Cakes , J@V@JuNKiE and got the picture below as a reply. He's my bigger and better-looking coffeeloving twin brother. Seperated at birth when a piece of ice drifted away from the Canadian shores with me on it. So I'm like Moses, only colder.

Erdal Yildiz by Joachim Baldauf

These stunning portraits of German-Kurdish actor Erdal Yildiz were photographed by Joachim Baldauf. Stunning expressive face! Photos kindly borrowed from Homotography

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Another Day in the Forest

After a lazy Sunday morning we spent our afternoon all active outside. The city was not an option this weekend. Crapped with ugly people visiting the Living Statues World Championship, so we head into the forest again. Calm, green, weird mushrooms, moss and the beauty of the two of us. A lovely afternoon!

Justin Hopwood by Tarrice Love

Model: Justin Hopwood (Soul Artist Management)
Photography: Tarrice Love
Imagesource: InMale

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Sunday morning.