Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, June 4, 2010


George Paul by Joseph Bleu

Model: George Paul (Major Model Management)
Photography: Joseph Bleu

Pulitzer 1975

As a child I was so much more a reader than I am nowadays. This classic shot is a favourite of mine. Proudly taking all the books from the shelves. I posted this picture earlier, referring to it when my cats did the same. Well, parenting was never my goal in life.

Deive Garces by Jon Malinowski

Model: Deive Garces (Major Model Management)
Photography: Jon Malinowski

Where the Hell is Willem? #117

Can you tell me where I am?


These are examples of Branislav Kropilak's Depots series. They look exactly like robot faces, don't you think? Cool concept, I really like pictures like these! Full set at Branislav Kropilak's website.

Karl Wehle by Gregory Vaughan

Model: Karl Wehle (Major Model Management)
Photography: Gregory Vaughan

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Noah Mills by Chiun-Kai Shih

The Fashionisto published the beautiful photoshoot Chiun-Kai Shih did with model Noah Mills for GQ Taiwan. Go to their site for the full spread. I picked my two favourite shots already. Cute!

Summer of 1975

So you like my family pictures! Well, in that case let me take you back to the summer of 1975. On these three pictures I already see a familair feature of myself. I was (and I still am) a demanding person. No matter if it is food, attention or a kiss, I am always trying to get it my way. Ask Peter. I am sure he'll agree with me 100%.

Camelia's Bloom Only Once a Year - Didio

Photography by Didio. Much more at Models by Didio.

Direct Line

DirectLine T-Shirt by GlennzTees. I like it!

Anthony Jerram by Joseph Bleu

Model: Anthony Jerram (Red Model Management)
Photography: Joseph Bleu. Much more on Anthony on his blog

Dear Girls = Dear Boys & Girls

This campaign from is actually from 2006, but still relevant, especially these days. Good advice which I will probably follow!

Fieldtrip - Adam Coussins

Found these beautiful shots of gorgeous (porn) model Adam Coussins over at the great Dudetube site. Too bad I can't name any photographer, but on the other hand, they look like they might be some shots on a day off in the fields. If anyone knows who shot them, message me or leave a comment.