Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Yu Tsai's "Sunday Afternoon" from Squint #13.
Scans by Matthew Rettenmund.

Giv Me Luv

No idea yet what these short clips are about but they look promising. Is it gonna be art? Porn? Or are the clips itself just about it? I'll keep you informed.

Lee Kholafai

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Robyn - Cobrastyle

New video for Robyn's single Cobrastyle. Peter's favourite track from her latest album. Strippoker with cheating is cool! And try to find out (if you don't already know) who has a cameo in this video. Enjoy!

Dolce & Gabbana - Summer 2008

Today is EHCD!

Today it's European Hard Candy Day! The cd is finally released and ofcourse I picked up my copy. I bought it for a criminal low price of € 9,99. No wonder it will hit the number 1 position within weeks with prices like that.
I've been listening to the leaked version all week, so I am gonna write an extended review this weekend. Only comment I will make now is the booklet. I've gotten used to the cover but the inside of the booklet is lame. Really lame and dull and not creative. There! My only negative comment so far;)

Wir Machen Spass!

Today we were off and we drove into Germany. To Bruhl, to be exact. And to be even more exact, to Phantasialand, a nice small themepark with a lot of rides and attractions. Main goal for me was the not so new anymore rollercoaster Black Mamba. One of the most intense coasters I have ever done. Not high, not that many inversions, but perfectly embedded in the landscape. A landscape that reflects an african village. Beautifully done and deliciously to ride.

We had a nice day. Got wet, got katapulted into a very high tower, got the giggles in two very funny spinning coasters, had real german food, had real chinese food, saw a stupid movie in 4D and we had a very good drive home.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jarek Pietka

Jarek Pietka (February,14 1989) photographed by Bruno Van Mossevelde. Great effects which makes the photos almost look like oil-paintings. Zoom in close and you see so much detail.

Patent Ochsner Art&Music

Being a lover of their music for many years now, there's something else I like about swiss band Patent Ochsner. Their artwork is incredible and all made by Büne Huber, member and lead-vocalist of the band.
Some years ago I bought a great book made by them in which they illustrated some of their most beautiful songs.

Here are some examples that are featured on their current website.

Christopher Gorham

Probably best known for his role in Ugly Betty, but since i don't watch that show I fell in love with Christopher Gorham (born August 14th 1974) in Popular in which he played Harrison John during the 1999 - 2001 seasons.
Often called hot nerd, I never got that term nerd. What makes this incredibly handsome guy a nerd?

Francois at MenMachine

Boxing is hot, so when I saw these pictures of Francois for they instantly reminded me of the Interview cover Madonna had last month and it resulted in this fake cover.

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