Saturday, May 29, 2010


Nick by Rick Day

Beautiful shot of Nick by Rick Day

Wearing Sunglasses in Toilets

Madonna teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana for the release of a collection of sunglasses. Here's a look at the commercial and some shots behind the scenes, which look fantastic for shots behind the scenes. Funny to see this old woman kissing boys in the men's room! I myself have sunglasses so old they will probably be hip again soon. In other words, I don't care much about sunglasses. They protect my eyes in the car and they protect me when I go skiing in the sun.

Mitch Baker by Shannon Sinclair

Model: Mitch Baker (Nous Model Management)
Photography: Shannon Sinclair

Let Me Entertain Me

This reminded me of the time I was graduating in highschool. I really had waaaay too much time, so I did useless things (like unwinding a cassette of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and then rewinding it back to the cassette to hear if the chorus in Act of Contrition was really the choir from Like a Prayer singing backwards).

Anyway, this afternoon I had some time left as well, so I logged in at Manroulette on my two computers and waited till the moment I met myself. Took some time, but when it happened I had the best conversation ever! And yes, you may now call me insane.

Name that Tune #136

What song can you see wordled up above?


Never been a big fan of the movies made by Bel Ami. All a bit too clean and smooth. Still, I am really fascinated by their latest project featuring 27 models and shot on location in South Africa. You can have a preview on their website, but ofcourse you can also become a member and watch the complete movie. Enjoy!

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful way to wake up on a saturday morning.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Read by Touch

Read by Touch (thorns on rice paper) by Cui Fei was definately not intended for the blind. Okay, maybe for the blinds you hate. Do you happen to know any blind people you hate? I don't even know a blind person. Or is the right word "visually challenged" these days? I wonder how many blind people are regular visitors to my blog!

Adam Senn for Industrie

Gorgeous Adam Senn for Industrie
Imagesource: The Fashionisto

Justify! Justify!

Reference Point

Here's the latest addition to the FantasticMag website.
Complete set available here.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paparazzi Magazine

Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider

Tony Ward appears in the latest issue of Australian magazine Russh together with Ieva Laguna. Photographed by Will Davidson, Tony and Ieva dance the forbidden dance in a colorful array of paint splashed garments styled by the talented Stevie Dance (source: The Fashionisto). Visit Russh Magazine for a nice video of this shoot as well.