Monday, May 10, 2010

Stroking Jeff Stryker's Butt

While getting molded for his realistic dildo François Sagat got to finger Jeff Stryker’s ass at Doc Johnson’s offices. The François Sagat Realistic Cock is available in the Store.


Eran Evan said...

Is it Just Me? I cant understand of find consolation in a Sagat dildo. its just a fake Silicone thing :-( Nothing will be pleasable but him in person, with these short sexy legs and tattoo hairdo, and oh - the lips!
Maybe my problem's just that i'm a romantic.

daan said...

Funny you mention that. I feel the same way. Never got turned on by a piece of plastic up the butt. Fucking is all about the guy attached to the cock.

Still I think there's a big market for it. A lot of guys love them.

Personally, I could buy it as well, but as art. Would be great to have a nice white wall with a row of famous pornstar's cocks next to each other. Well-lid and with little white squares beneath them with the names, exhibition style;)

Eran Evan said...

yep -indeed sounds like a godd idea, though i'm not quite sure regarding what my BF would think about it...maybe a temporary exhibition :-)

daan said...

My boyfriend thinks alike... he can't wait for the day his mom opens one of our kitchen cupboards and there's a dildo attached to the inside:)