Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wearing Sunglasses in Toilets

Madonna teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana for the release of a collection of sunglasses. Here's a look at the commercial and some shots behind the scenes, which look fantastic for shots behind the scenes. Funny to see this old woman kissing boys in the men's room! I myself have sunglasses so old they will probably be hip again soon. In other words, I don't care much about sunglasses. They protect my eyes in the car and they protect me when I go skiing in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hello Daan
Thanks for posting Madonna pics and the brief but little bitter and catty in my opinion. C'mon now, (this old women) that's mean. Madonna's is families!!!! Cher and Joan River are old not Madonna! She is 51 yeah but she look amazing and beautiful! She work hard to look like this so don't be such a hater!
You of all people shouldn't talk about old! In Gay life you are history, way over the hill!!!

Brendon 24 CA

daan said...

I don't think you realize I'm a fan since 1985. A big fan, but always critical on what she does. Calling her old is not being bitter. I never said she looked bad. She looks stunning in these pictures! Calling her old has more to do with the young guy she is kissing than with her age.

And don't get me started on gay life. Just because me and my man are together for 17 years doesn't mean I am living "the gay life". I don't have an age obsession, I am not that superficial. I am 35, happy, handsome and very much alive!

Thanks for your concerns and thanks for your comment. Please, fly with us again;)

J@v@JuNKo said...

love these Madonna shots!! Daan is far from a Madonna hater Anonymous, you obviously don't know him well, or realize that he is an intelligent, opinionated Madonna fan. Way longer than you have been, and for you to state such "catty" comments from one blog post and twist them just because he said she was old makes you more of a hater than anyone.

daan said...

Thanks Java! You nailed it!

Funny to see how Brendon based his whole comment on one word in my post. The word "old". Which isn't even a bad word in my opinion:)