Monday, August 2, 2010

Efteling 1984

I think this was my first time in a themepark ever. Holland's most beautiful park is all about fairytales (beautifully designed by artist Anton Pieck), but in the early 80's they started to focus more on other groups of people besides families and they built some thrill-rides. I was a chicken and didn't go on the first looping rollercoaster. My sister was not a chicken and just high enough to proof she was the toughest one of us. I did enjoy the newly opened rapid ride "Piranha" though!


rp said...

Photo number 1 at 'Draak Lichtgeraakt' and number 3 of the 'Piranha' are actually pretty good taken. Especially considering their age.
I wish I had these kind of pictures from my first time there. Got only one of me in a pushcart.

daan said...

Props go to The BEST Dad in the world for the photos:)
Too bad some of the shots in the album are missing, amongst them my sister in the Python after her first ride.

ennalegov said...

I think I was crying and throwing up ;-).
And our mom! Already one of the best dressed ladies in town, even during a dreadful day in the Efteling :-)