Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ghosts of World War II's Past

"Taking old World War II photos, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshops them over more recent shots to make the past come alive. Not only do we get to experience places like Berlin, Prague, and Vienna in ways we could have never imagined, more importantly, we are able to appreciate our shared history in a whole new and unbelievably meaningful way". Much more over here.


J@v@JuNKo said...

very cool! They should do this with other cities as well! I love the mesh of the old with new!

daan said...

Yeah! I once got a link from Tonnya (that other great follower) on old pics of Arnhem.... I thought about doing about the same. Not exactly this, but split screens... then I discovered it was a hell of a job, so I went back inside to watch tv again. But maybe some day! :)