Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where the Hell is Willem? #122

Let's try again. Can you tell me where I am?
And can no-one tell me the correct answer to #121?


scotrock said...

Haven't had as much time for these lately, Daan.

This one has me puzzled.

My best guess so far is it's either Central AMerica or someplace with an Hispanic influence in Asia - it's those white roofs!

daan said...

Nah, it's very political, very Hillary Clinton...

scotrock said...

Hmmm, Hilary you say...

google map to Washingon DC...nope
Chattaqua, NY...nope
Little Rock...nope

what's in the news?
the Middle East.
let's try that...


where is this place, anyway?
let's drag that map around a bit...
what's this
Tel Aviv
that look's familiar
why its the intersection of Weizmann and Jabotinski!

(And, I did use the word "asia" in my initial guess!)

daan said...

You made me a very proud blogger! Perfect answer and I like the way you search! Congrats, starplayer!