Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peter - Naked Snake Charmer

Oh man, did we have a great party last night. Brother in law got a new job, got a new age and got a degree last summer. Three very good reasons to throw a very good party! More photos of the party at my sister's blog, but here's a highlight of the evening highlighted.

My brother in law has two very tall and handsome neighbours. We've been hearing stories about their gorgeousness for months, but last night we actually met them. They were cute as hell! So when one of them asked us if we wanted to see his snake we didn't hesitate. We went nextdoor's, and while Peter and I were already up the stairs, rushing off our clothes, the neighbour urged us to come down again and showed us his two Royal Pythons.

Big bummer? Not really. They were awesome! Peter was already a little bit very drunk and didn't hesitate to hold one of them. Looked so good on him! So when we went back, the other brother took his giant snake with him and Peter had a new pet untill deep into the night. I have such a butch boyfriend!

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Eran Evan said...

Oh Dear, you should be writing class z pornographic novels...
made me laugh so much :-)