Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Shower - Drew Van De Kamp

Okay, bye bye resolutions for 2011. Less porn on this blog? That's a bit hard when you find all these beautiful findings online. I found this video at the great DudeTube blog and have been in doubt for a day about posting it here. I normally don't post videos from Xtube. Yes it's porn. Yes it's graphic. But on the other hand it's porn with a twist, with an eye for detail. And that made me decide to share it anyway. My favourite part? For some reason the cleaning in the end looks very intimate and therefor very exciting to me. And this guy is very, very cute! His name is Arnaud and he's from Barcelona. The video was made by Drew Van De Kamp.


Writer said...

That is beautiful!! :)

Thanks for sharing.

daan said...

And what a coincidence you posted your first porn as well! I just discovered your post :)

Anonymous said...

Monday is starting to become MY DAY!!!
Starts with Meatlovers.....ends with Showers.....

It's MY DAY!!!


Mocca said...

nice guy, though could be a lot more hair on his body :D