Monday, February 21, 2011

Empty Shelves

The shelves and cupboards are getting more empty every night. The boxes however are piling up, stuffed with books, magazines, cd's and dvd's. Tomorrow my mom takes me out shopping for some extra room for our books (no more double stacking for a while, Tonnya!). Plain white BILLY ofcourse.

Funny how this place is being torn down and Peter and I only feel good and not sad. This house is a beautiful house and we spent some fantastic years in it. But in the end it wasn't a convenient house. It was a completely renovated old house when Peter bought it, but the old was still there and besides some nice features like the fireplace and the staircase, it was mainly a weird sized house that didn't even allow us to have a table to eat from. The new house is a Big White Cube and doesn't limit us in how to fill that space. That feels good!

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Tonnya said...

I'm positively DREADING packing and moving the 800+ books sitting everywhere in my apartment! And those shelves look so lonely and sad :)