Monday, April 4, 2011

In My Secret Garden

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know I've been a bad bad boy lately. No updates in weeks. Even missed out on my blog's third birthday last month.

I can make up lots of excuses. All are probably true, but one of the reasons is still the fact how much I enjoy our new home. And with Spring in the air it was time to expand to the balcony, creating our perfect little stylish (and oh so gay) secret gardens. Gardens that you can't visit, because they're behind glass. Gardens you can dream about, fantasising on how you enter them, climbing from rock to rock. Yeah, magic is happening out there!

But now I'm back. My Mac is on the dining-table for the evening and that hunky man that I almost can call my husband is on the couch watching average girls trying to become America's Next Top Model. Life is good!


Schweigsame said...

YAY!!! You're back.

I was worried.

rp said...

Pictures, or that gay balcony didn't happen! ;-) Glad to have you back!

daan said...

Isn't the picture above gay enough? That's as gay as it gets... minimalism :)

paulo cesar tavares said...

please watch this:

daan said...

Thanks Paulo! The title referred to this beautiful Madonna track. Still one of my favourite album-closers.