Monday, August 1, 2011

Aow Tou Dou Zat (Montreal)

How to do that? How to do that? How to do that in a new way? I remember this song so well! I once saw it on MTV in the late 80's and searched my ass off for the single. I had not written down the name of the song, so it was a difficult search.

Then, months later I heard the song in a clothing store and I asked the counter girl what it was. She looked it up and told me it was Jean Paul Gaultier with How To Do That (or Aow Tou Dou Zat, as the French say...). Whoohoo, I finally knew the title! The counter girl was a sweet counter girl, because she wrote down my adress and within a week I had a cassette on my doormat with the original song + several remixes. How cool!

Years later I found the EP on cd and bought that one. I still have it and stay play it occasionally. Good memories of the early 90's! I guess Jean Paul Gaultier thought the same, because for his exhibition that kicked off in Montreal last month he released a remix of the song with a completely new video (nice, but not as great as the old one with the dancing drawings). Can't wait for this exhibition to come to Europe by the way. Looks stunning, but will save that for a later post.


Bachelor's Dollhouse said...

I love this!!!!
YAAA JPG and Montreal!!

daan said...

Oh you lucky bastard! Have you visited the exhibition already? Wear stripes and you'll get a discount ;)

Writer said...

This is amazing! I so want the sailor's outfit!! :)

Bachelor's Dollhouse said...

HAHA! No, not yet.
I'm going this week!
I'll let you know how it is.