Saturday, August 20, 2011


Fall 2012 is going to bring us Dutchies some great television again! A blast from the past filmed in the building above. Yes! After 20 years Fort Boyard is back on Dutch TV! I remember this game vividly and I hope it won't disappoint after 11 years of watching The Mole.


scotrock said...

I'd never heard of this show, Daan, but I watched an episode on youtube after reading your post. It was the first episode of the UK series and wasn't bad though I'm not 'hooked' yet. The Amazing Race is still my favourite.

daan said...

The Amazing Race (or Peking Express as it is called here) hasn't been aired in a few years on Dutch tv. But I agree, that one is also a great concept. Not as great as The Mole, but very watchable. Mole Mole Mole.... can't wait untill January when season 12 airs!